40 Reasons Why Your Diet Does Work

My response to an article in the Daily Mail Tues 3rd July 2012
There was an article in the Daily Mail this week called 40 reasons why your diet doesn’t work. With all the temptation of processed foods and ambiguous information out there it would be nice to hear something positive about our lives. So I decided to write my positive take on the article, 40 positive reasons why your diets do work… because
You realise that you own health is your own wealth and you alone are entirely responsible for it.
You eat protein at every meal including breakfast, eggs are most common.
You rarely have caffeine and you no longer use it as a stimulant to get you through the tired days. Caffeine affects the function your adrenal glands which producing numerous hormones that impact our development and growth, affect our ability to deal with stress and help to regulate kidney function.
You no longer eat bread. Bread has nice labels such as wholemeal and granary, but it is processed carbohydrates which is a major contributor to body fat.
You read and understand food labels and ingredients.
You have eliminated sugar drinks and keep fruit juice to a minimum because you know it is packed with sugar.
You season your food well especially with pepper. Pepper has been known to curb hunger.
You eat yoghurt but ONLY natural full fat live yoghurt.
You hang out with the people you want to be like – all your friends follow a healthy nutrition plan.
You have other interests than recipe books and cookery shows.
You chew each mouthful of food approx 20 – 25 times. Digestion begins in the mouth at the chewing stage. Also chewing relaxes the body and stops you rushing and eating on the run.
You stick to your own game plan and ignore treats or temptations you see around you.
When you eat you always serve your food on your favourite crockery to remind you how special you are – this really worked for me.
Your bedroom is a relaxed space which encourages sleep and you enjoy 8 – 9 hours sleep a night.
When you started your diet you sort the support of other people and or a diet buddy. Your support id there to encourage and motivate you on your journey.
When you refuse treats/cake etc you always do it in a positive way, ‘I don’t eat cake, thank you’
You look in the mirror and see what is reflected back. By looking at yourself in the mirror you remind yourself why you are doing it and as you continue to lose weight you can look and congratulate yourself.
You are a socialable person with lots of friends and a variety of interests.
You always eat your dinner at the table and the television is turned off.
You seek to keep stress to a minimum. And if you do feel stress creeping on you tale steps to reduce it immediately. Ask me about great stress busting techniques.
You consistently buy seasonal vegetables and fruit with enough variety to keep meals interesting, but not overwhelmed with choice and flavour.
You know that at times of emotional upheaval, relationship breakup, you choose not to comfort eat to cope with stress and anxiety.
You choose slow melodic music at meal times. Nice restauarants that want you to enjoy their food play relaxing music to create a calm environment. Other food outlets that exchange food for money play faster music to get you to eat quicker and then out quicker so more people can come in.
You don’t stick to one type of exercise.
You exercise with other poeple either in a class or seeking the services of a personal trainer – you know you get better results this way.
You are not afraid of lifting heavy weights to boost your metabolism. NOTE: before starting weight training make sure you get some expert advice.
You never keep to the same exercise pattern, you are always making changes and challenge yourself and varying the amount of time you spend exercising.
You know the right food to eat after exercising is protein and good fats and some carbohydrate. Chicken and avocado, but no mayo is really good.
You have been or are working with a personal trainer to do the most effective and beneficial exercises for the results you want to achieve.
You make the effort to go out to exercise, never doing it at home alone.
You are aware of the changes in your body and knkow that as we get older we may need to change our exercise accordingly.
You always exercise with up beat, up tempo music for motivation.
You dislike the smell of processed foods.
You take full responsibility for your body and the way it functions.
You appreciate yourself and know that you deserve the body you want.
You have chosen to make your diet work.
You don’t eat low fat/ no fat foods because you know that all the goodness has been taken out and replaced with processed sugar.
You know good fats are essential in your diet. Olive oil (not for cooking) and avocado are sources of good fats.
You follow the plan that if it grows you can it eat.
You want your diet to work.