5 Reasons Why Being a Nanny is a Great Job

Have you ever thought about the benefits a nanny gets from their job? While you have to deal with toddler tantrums and stress that come with the job, being a nanny is a job like no other. The work environment is different from the normal average. Many people like it because it is way more rewarding than the average desk job.

Below are the five reasons:

1. It Is Nothing Like an Office Job

Being a nanny will involve a lot of energy, fun activities, and spending time outside, which is different from sitting at a desk all day looking at the computer screen. Every day is unpredictable and not like the previous day, but this is what makes the job even more fun. You will be out and about spending time and effort planning engaging activities for kids. You don’t have to put on uncomfortable clothes, and the world is your workplace, and you can wear what you feel comfortable in. When working as a nanny you are going to get the perks office workers get (good salary, great career progression and opportunities for qualifications), but not in an office environment. This job offers flexibility because you can choose to work as an after-school or part-time nanny, which gives you more control of your work-life balance, letting you control how much you earn. You can calculate this using a nanny tax calculator UK system.

2. You become part of a family

When you are a nanny, you get the chance of being part of a family that is not yours. Nannies are an important part of their life for most families, and this is why there are some who want nannies to live with them. Nannies usually form a strong bond with the children and the family they are nannying for. This will leave you feeling very fulfilled and special. The trust and recognition you are going to get from being a nanny are going to be way more than what you can get from an average office job. You will watch the kids growing up and you are going to be there during their milestones, from when they say their first word to their first day of school.

3. You can be a child again

Imagine if creating silly dance routines, watching Disney movies, and Lego were part of your job. Being a nanny will involve that. You need to play with the children because it helps them with learning and developing, and also being entertained. While there are adult tasks involved like cleaning and cooking, you will still have the time to do fun things while doing your job. You will have a lot of fun in the process of engaging the kids.

4. You can be creative

Maybe there are some ideas you have saved on your Pinterest boards that you have not yet taken the time to work on. You can make use of all those ideas you have been saving if you are a nanny. Pinterest is perfect when it comes to getting ideas on fun activities you can do with the kids. You need to be creative because every day is different. The job can be a little challenging, and this means it is not boring. You always have the chance of employing your creativity.

5. You are someone’s hero

Spending much time with the children makes you an important figure in their lives, and this is why you are going to form a unique bond with them. Nannies are good when it comes to patience, multi-tasking, and fun. The children will see you as their role model, and they will follow you, copy you, and ask to do everything with you. This can seem like a lot of work, but it is going to be worth it when you hear “I love you” from the little ones. You are a hero in their eyes, even if you feel like you aren’t doing a good job.