Becoming Clear About Your Weight Loss Goal

As a health and weight loss coach, I meet clients who have big weight loss goals. After asking them a few questions, I find out that these clients are pretty unclear about what they want and they will give up on their goals before they even start. Goals only turn into reality once you become clear about it!
The first part of the goal is finding out how much weight they want to release. That is the easy part. The next part of the goal is finding out how they are going to maintain that weight because in the end that is what they want, isn’t it? By far most clients only focus on the weight loss and forget about maintenance. In fact, statistics state that 90{85749dbeb316c0c24e3d1d8256d88d9743ccf0cc93f2eb8c87e0d763618d2741} of people gain their weight back. Why? We go back to our old habits and behaviours and blame the diet instead of looking at ourselves!
Stop that now and start taking responsibility for your life and health because the real goal is not about losing weight. The real goal is how you are going to maintain that weight after. In short, how are you going to change your old eating habits, patterns and beliefs about your relationship with food!
Let’s stop here and ask ourselves: “Why do I need a goal?” A goal is your target!
Did you go to College or University without a goal of what you wanted to do? Do you get into a taxi and tell the driver – ‘take me anywhere’? Do you go on a vacation without knowing where you are staying?
You had a goal in mind when you went to college; you have a goal – your destination – when you get into a cab, and you have goal of which hotel/motel you are staying at on your vacation. You need a goal for your HEALTHY lifestyle. Have you imagined what your life is going to be like 10 years down the road if you continue with the same old eating habits and weight struggle!
To help you get aligned with your goals, here are some questions that are going to benefit you for long-term success:

What do I want to achieve?
What does achieving this goal mean to me?
How will you know you have achieved this goal? What will see, hear and feel?
How does achieving this goal impact other aspects in your life? (family, friends, children, work, relationships, health, money,etc)
What has prevented you from achieving these goals in the past?
What skills, tools and resources do I currently have that will aid me in achieving my goals?
What are my action steps (start with the first step) to achieve these goals?
What additional skills, resources and tools do you need?
How are you going to achieve number 8?