Can Natural Medicine Help Alcoholics

It may seem like alcoholism and natural medicine do not have anything in common.  But alcoholism can be considered a chronic disease.  And natural medicine is holistic, taking into account both an individual’s nutritional and supplemental deficiencies.  So, there are absolutely are natural ways to treat alcoholism-and these treatments certainly help alcoholics to firstly recover and secondly remain sober.

Naturopathic doctors sometimes view alcoholism as a condition which has genetic roots, while being associated with psychological and spiritual issues, and can cause metabolic disease which is similar to alcoholism.

Inside an alcohol abuser’s body

Nutritional issues exacerbate the health effects of alcoholism, causing …

Blood sugar problems.  A study tested the blood sugar levels of over 300 alcoholics and found that not one of them was normal.  They were either per-diabetic, diabetic or hypoglycemic.  Cravings for carb-rich foods and sugar become stronger when someone’s blood sugar is imbalanced.  These foods raise blood sugar quickly, but the body’s surge of insulin lowers blood sugar levels and creates an undulating cycle – similar to that of an addition and withdrawal cycle.  This can intensify alcohol cravings.

Nutritional deficiencies.  Alcohol irritates the lining of the digestive tract and increases the production of hydrochloric acid, which in turn damages the stomach lining.  It has the knock on effect of lowering digestion and the absorption of nutrients, which means that the stomach is unprotected from stomach acid, thereby resulting in inflammation

Dietary solutions

If alcoholics make dietary changes by using supplements, they are likely to experience less desire to drink.

Dietary guidelines for people with alcoholism are similar to the guidelines of any patient.  Eat healthy proteins and high-fiber vegetables.  These foods help combat blood sugar swings.  Withdrawal symptoms are common when an individual ceases eating junk foods, as is the case when someone stops drinking alcohol and Googles “alcohol rehab near me”.

Which supplements can help?

In addition to the necessary dietary changes, patients who abuse alcohol or who have done in the past should take the following natural products.  They can be purchased at health-food stores and are safe for everyone to take.  They can be taken indefinitely.

As every patient is different, it is important that you check with your own doctor about which dosage of these supplements would be best for you.

Kudzu.  A Harvard Medical School study researched this herb, and found that it decreased the desire to imbibe alcohol.  The effect is fast, and happens within 90 minutes of taking the capsules.  1000 mg three times a day is the recommended dose for most.

N-actylcysteine (NAC).  This is one of the most promising supplements out there for alcoholism.  Several studies have shown that NAC reduces the desire to take cocaine in people who are addicted, and studies on animals have shown that it might have same benefit when used for alcohol cessation.  Doses are usually around 1000 mg to 2000mg

B-Complex.  A high potency B-complex vitamin is able to restore liver function and assist with alcohol cravings.  High potency in this case would be a B-50 complex, which gives 50 milligrams of the vitamins B1,B2 and B3.

Vitamin B1.  Alcoholics are frequently deficient in this vitamin, as it gets used up for breaking down carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol.  Try taking 100mg of vitamin B1 each day.

Vitamin B3.  High doses of this vitamin can help reduce alcohol cravings, stabilize the mood, and reduce the toxic effects of alcohol on the brain.  Begin taking 500mg three times a day, and work up to 1000mg three times a day.

Vitamin C.  Healthy brains tend to have higher concentrations of vitamin C than unhealthy brains.  This might be due to it altering the activity of opioid receptors, leading to a reduced interest in drugs including alcohol.  Take 3000mg to 5000mg a day.  If this causes either an upset stomach or diarrhea, cut back the dosage a little.

Silymarin.  This antioxidant is an ingredient in herb milk thistle extracts.  It can improve both blood sugar and liver function, which can be impaired by alcohol abuse.  It is recommended to take between 100mg and 300mg each day.

If you have been Googling “alcohol rehab near me”, be aware that taking supplements IS NOT a good alternative for going to a rehab center.  Recovery is a holistic process, and as such cannot be undertaken effectively without the help of either professionals, or people who can guide you through the process.  However, should you attend an “alcohol rehab near me”, the information found in this article can help.