Youngsters’ Health

Named the World Mercury Project till 2018, the Children’s Health Defense is an influential anti-vaccine group because of the prominence of its founder and chairman, Robert Kennedy Jr. Although the usage of thimerosal in vaccines was phased out by 2001 , this mercury compound remains to be typically referred to by anti-vaccination teams. Overwhelming evidence signifies that vaccines are secure and effective. The 2018 tax return for Children’s Health Defense signifies that Kennedy was paid $184,375 for his providers as Chairman and chief counsel for the group. Children’s Health Defense is an American 501c3 nonprofit advocacy organization, identified for its anti-vaccine activism. Much of the fabric put forth by the group entails misinformation on vaccines and anti-vaccine propaganda.

Arguments against vaccination are contradicted by overwhelming scientific consensus concerning the safety and effectiveness of vaccines. Today, 1 in 5 (about 15.5 million) children live in poverty within the U.S.—23% are under …

Is Your Child Getting Enough Fiber?

When you ask a child if he/she would like a meal rich in fiber, the answer will likely be, “no way!” However, this is because the word fiber sounds like it is something that would not taste too good. It isn’t sweet or salty, so it is not a priority in their young lives.
The good news is that fiber is found in many tasty foods that your children likely already eat. It is found in many fruits, vegetables, and grains. Many of which, children eat on a daily basis because they like.
How much Fiber do Kids Need?
The easiest way to determine how many grams of fiber your child needs is to add 5 to your child’s age. Keep in mind this is for children ages 2 years and up. For example, a five-year-old should get 10 grams of fiber or a 10 year old -15 grams. Once …

Child Development Issues, Parenting and Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is one of those professions where the job description is hard to define. If you ask some people what it is, a typical answer would be that an occupational therapist is someone who helps you get a job. Another common response is that O.T’s help treat fine motor issues. Very few people really understand the nature of occupational therapy.
The profession really began when Eleanor Clark Slagel, a social worker, began treating patients who were veterans of World War I. We would say today that they had post traumatic stress disorder. Ms. Slagel found that if you kept the patient engaged in meaningful activity, their mental health improved. Their minds were kept occupied in this manner. Activities such as basket weaving, leather lacing and lamp making were introduced. Thus we have the confusion over fine motor skills. It was not the skill per se she was working on, …

Keeping Your Child Healthy This School Year

The school year has started. No matter what grades your children are entering, they cannot avoid the bugs that they are exposed to on a daily basis. Staying healthy can be very difficult, but not impossible.
Help your children start the year off right with these tips:

Make sure your child gets enough sleep – Children and teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep each night to promote good health. Enforce an earlier bedtime a few weeks before school starts to get your child’s internal “clock” adjusted to the new time.
Reinforce regular hand washing – This is one of the easiest, yet more effective ways to keep contaminants away from your child’s body. Hand washing protects against colds and the flu and many other possible diseases. Instruct them to wash their hands before they eat and after using the bathroom.
Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast …

Why Is Nutritional Counseling During Pregnancy Critical for Your Child?

Most have heard the expression, ‘you’re eating for two now.’ If you’re pregnant, the chances are even higher that you’ve heard that expression. When you’re pregnant, you must not only keep in mind your health, but that of the fetus as well. Making sure that you consume the right vitamins and minerals is often a good way to help ensure a healthy pregnancy, while some doctors may also recommend certain exercise regimens to promote health throughout pregnancy.
A recent study from scientists at Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ontario, which was led by Dr. Kaiping Yang, has indicated that obesity may be partly determined while still in the womb. Lawton scientific director Dr. David Hill pointed out that the findings point to the importance of prenatal health and nutrition while pregnant. The researchers explained that the amount of fat cells in our body and the inclination to replicate may …

Pre Natal Care and Infant Health

Your first pregnancy and all subsequent pregnancies are met with concerns for you and the upcoming arrival of your child. One concern is finances, but I have always felt that if you wait until the time is right in regard to whether or not you can have a child based on your income, you just may decide to never have a child. But that is just my personal opinion and I feel it needs to be based on what your personal feelings are as to the needs of a child. My priority falls to love one’s ability to love and nurture a child over all the things that money can buy, education excluded.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The task at hand is to deliver a happy and healthy baby and make sure you maintain your health as well. Regular doctor visits are crucial throughout the pregnancy. Usually …

Is Your Child Getting the Right Balance of Nutrients?

Nowadays many parents are receiving reports from their child’s teachers that there child is hyperactive and acting up in class. Not sure of how to get their children to act right, often they seek the help of modern medicine to help tame their child’s hyperactivity. Most often times this comes in the form of Ritalin or some other medicinal source. Unfortunately, these medications can sometimes exacerbate the symptoms by creating anxiety, hyperglycemia, sleeplessness, and headaches.
However, most of these behavioral problems can be fixed through proper nutrition. Children are going through an anabolic “growth” phase in which their body needs large amounts of protein and fat to help restore and build their growing bodies. Most child’s diets consist of entirely too much carbs, starch, and sugar. These items metabolize quickly and go right into the blood stream increasing blood sugar levels exponentially causing hyperactivity, combativeness and restlessness. Once their bodies …

How to Deal With Your Mental Health After a Breakup – Strategies That Work

Ok, so now, you look at your situation and start feeling sorry about yourself. You start eating, pigging out to be more precise, start looking at life like its the end, and obviously gain tons of weight in the process.
What happens then? Well, the other person left for a reason, not necessarily because of a lack of attraction, but because of issues that you weren’t able to communicate the root of the problem, which then grew to a point of no repair. Now, he or she broke up for other then physical. So what do you do? You go, pig out and start gaining the weight to make you even less desirable? This can be counter productive don’t you agree?
Well, this is when you need to get your act together and get your body in good shape. It also can help you to prevent the feelings of neediness …

Healthy Childhood

America is a country of innovation and over the last two or three decades, much of that innovation has been focused on improving the lives of children. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences sometimes has the last laugh and things that were intended to make things better, sometimes end up doing more harm than good.
Advancements in the food industry to make food cheaper and more abundant, in addition to the entertainment industry catering to children has made it difficult for our kids to do what seemed natural to them just a few decades ago: go out and play. Video games and unlimited television channels can now be used by remote controls without ever getting up. Children eat terrible foods at home and at school. It is well-documented that the children of today have sedentary lifestyles which cause onset of obesity and diseases.
To help our children be more healthy, …

Does Your Child Have Atopic Eczema?

It’s a common occurrence for atopic eczema or dermatitis to occur in children. Fortunately, it is not contagious but it’s often hereditary. This dermatitis is often hard to treat or clear up and is very uncomfortable for those who suffer from it. This rashy dermatitis seems to be unresponsive to some medications causing parents to worry about their child’s skin care. Even with this problem, there are procedures you can follow that can provide some much needed relief for your sweet baby or child.
Rashes from this type of dermatitis occur on your child’s face, and hands. You can also see them on their knees and elbows. You should use antihistamine cream so that you child doesn’t create scars on their face or skin due to scratching. Your child should also keep their hands covered, even though they will hate is for their own good. Of course, also give them …