Reduce Body and Back Pain With EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

If you are someone who has struggled with back and body pain, the following information may help you to have more pain, free days. If stress and back pain has made your life miserable, please read my story, and see how EFT can help you!
I had been seeing different chiropractors and a Kaiser physical therapist for years to ease the suffering of my back. Until I dealt with the stress that was being held there, I never experienced any long-term relief. After a few sessions of EFT, I enjoyed more back flexibility and felt a lot less pain in my back; something I wasn’t sure I ever would have. I had been taking higher and higher doses of Ibuprofen; I was surprised when I didn’t need the pills for pain reduction. When I began working on the negative feelings in my back, I was able to release the pain …

Do You Ever Give Yourself Time to Retreat?

Ask yourself if you ever take time just for you? Do you ever feel like you need:
An energy lift?
A spiritual tune up?
A time just for you with no one else to distract you?
A jump start on your health?
A time to rejuvenate lift your mind body and spirit to a new level?
Here are some gifts you give your life, your body, your spirit, your soul when you commit to a spiritual detox retreat.
Potential benefits of doing a spiritual cleanse:
• Spiritually connected
• Clarity
• Connection with yourself and with spirit
• Inspiration
• Sense of peace and joy
• Problem solving skills
• See issues more clearly
• De-stress and unwind
• Love your body to the fullest
• Assist your immune system
• Alleviate allergies
• Rest your digestive organ
• Help alleviate chronic pain (like fibromyalgia)
• Assist in weight loss …