Firmer Facial Skin With Thermage FLX, Here Are The Stages

Thermage FLX is the latest generation of FLX for skin tightening without the need for surgery. This machine is equipped with the maximum power AccuREP technology for automatic calibration to enable more optimal energy delivery.

One of the skincare specialists explained that the Thermage FLX treatment is quite painful. To reduce pain during treatment, the part of the body that is treated with Thermage FLX is smeared with a topical anesthetic.

Thermage FLX Stages

The first stage is to relieve pain by applying a topical anesthetic to the area that you want to thermage, such as the face, neck, or stomach. And it takes between 1 to 2 hours to become numb. The longer it is applied, the more numb it will become.

This 熱瑪(Thermage) action delivers heat to the inside of the skin, namely to the dermis where there is a lot of collagen so that the skin is tight and reaches the subcutis. The subcutis is under the dermis there is a layer of fat. Thermage can be like getting rid of fat

After anesthesia for 1-2 hours, the patient is cleaned of all creams. Then in the next step, the area that you want to Thermage is attached to a kind of grid, like a map where the Thermage action will be carried out following the patterns in the grid. It aims to increase the effectiveness in areas that must be the tightest and also to prevent repetition at one point.

After carrying out the Thermage FLX procedure, patients are advised not to use various kinds of skincare products except plain moisturizer for about 3-5 days. Likewise, before carrying out the Thermage FLX procedure, patients are advised not to use skincare products for about a week. “After that, return to the original treatment, for example, to get rid of melasma, smooth the skin, get rid of pimples or blackheads.

How Does the Patient Feel?

The Thermage FLX action requires a response from the patient. “The doctor should ask how it feels. The patient also should not feel there is nothing in other words the patient must answer honestly. Thermage is fairly safe because after being shot with Thermage energy it will release a coolant. That is why the surface of the skin is always at a normal temperature so it is safe.

However, this cooling method does not make the sensation of heat disappear. Most of the cooling is also not good, lack of cooling is also not safe. That’s why doctors must continue to ask for feedback from patients. Patients who are not advised to take Thermage FLX action are people with heart disease. In addition, pregnant women are also not allowed to take Thermage FLX action.

Instant Results

With one action of Thermage FLX, the skin becomes more supple, the skin quality improves, and the face looks slimmer, unlike other machines that have to be repeated. Most Patients love Thermage because as they get older, their face looks even better. These results make patients will continue to repeat the Thermage treatment.

The presence of Thermage FLX will get a positive response because it can provide more effective and safe results for optimal appearance. Thermage FLX has arrived at beauty clinics in China. The Thermage FLX treatment is recommended for consumers 35 – 60 years old who have mild to moderate skin sagging, wrinkled and post-pregnancy skin problems.

Strong Reasons to Want FLX Thermage Technology Treatment

With age, the beauty of human skin will change. Most often experienced is the problem of skin aging. Why age can make skin age? The scientific explanation is that the production of collagen and elastin decreases. Especially when entering the age of three heads and above.

You certainly agree. This problem is faced by Asian women, namely sagging skin. Skin elasticity slowly decreases. Therefore, to stay young now comes FLX thermage technology as a solution.

Unexpectedly this technology is the latest generation. World’s #1 skin tightening treatment innovation. Asian woman’s pampered beauty treatment, with thermage. It is devoted to a skin tightening treatment. Without surgery, comfortable, and the results are quickly visible. This is the main reason, FLX thermage technology is worth trying!