Healthy Childhood

America is a country of innovation and over the last two or three decades, much of that innovation has been focused on improving the lives of children. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences sometimes has the last laugh and things that were intended to make things better, sometimes end up doing more harm than good.
Advancements in the food industry to make food cheaper and more abundant, in addition to the entertainment industry catering to children has made it difficult for our kids to do what seemed natural to them just a few decades ago: go out and play. Video games and unlimited television channels can now be used by remote controls without ever getting up. Children eat terrible foods at home and at school. It is well-documented that the children of today have sedentary lifestyles which cause onset of obesity and diseases.
To help our children be more healthy, we need to discipline them and limit the number of hours they can play video games or watch television, and encourage them to run around and be a little wild. We must cook healthier meals for them and let them eat at least some organic fruits and vegetables. In order to discipline our children, as a society and as individuals we must first learn how to discipline ourselves so that our children have great examples to learn from.
American adults have become much like our children themselves. We eat less than good food, spend a lot of time in front of televisions and computers, generally drive everywhere, and do not maintain healthy lifestyles as a whole.
Of course our children are becoming less healthy. They are looking at adults and taking our bad examples. There are no corners to cut when it comes to health. We have to show our kids how to live healthy by eating with them, exercising with them, and taking them out to do healthy activities so they can learn first-hand how fun life can be when living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. And most importantly we have to talk to children so they can ask us questions about things that are on their minds.
If we do all that, our children will have healthier childhoods and will become healthier and better-functioning adults, which will make up our society of tomorrow.