How to Deal With Your Mental Health After a Breakup – Strategies That Work

Ok, so now, you look at your situation and start feeling sorry about yourself. You start eating, pigging out to be more precise, start looking at life like its the end, and obviously gain tons of weight in the process.
What happens then? Well, the other person left for a reason, not necessarily because of a lack of attraction, but because of issues that you weren’t able to communicate the root of the problem, which then grew to a point of no repair. Now, he or she broke up for other then physical. So what do you do? You go, pig out and start gaining the weight to make you even less desirable? This can be counter productive don’t you agree?
Well, this is when you need to get your act together and get your body in good shape. It also can help you to prevent the feelings of neediness or desperate because you will be too busy with activities and social events to meet other nice looking singles.:)
By acting needy and desperate, you obviously give a one way ticket to your gfriend/bfriend/spouse to someone else’s bed. The key is to make you extremely attractive, sexy, so that other person start regretting their choices.
Physical is one thing that is easy to work with by going to the gym, by exercising, by being active indoors and outdoors. Why people find that part so difficult about physical activities? Beats me, I have no clue and it is a shame. But lets move to the mental health.
These next steps can be helpful to you to get yourself back in shape.
1. Write what you feel. Yes, write it down. All your feelings and fears, because you open yourself up and allow yourself to let these feelings go. Stop feeling negative about things, that will ONLY bring more negative to you. The laws of attraction are powerful, hence, if you train your thoughts to be negative because of your situation, only negative will come out of it. So why do that? LAw of attraction works hand in hand with the laws of harvesting, where what you plant now, will grow later. So if you think now about how bad your life is, STOP DOING THAT. Just start training your brain to think good thoughts, to think positive thoughts and the rest is history. Use a journal or pad to write them down. Keep them handy so you can review these feelings and see how you can change your attitude towards them.
You can write about your relationship and understand what went wrong. What happened or what caused it? Do not lie to yourself here because all this is for yourself, not for someone else to read. So be truthful, be open, be frank. Just look at the situation and learn from it. That will help you see what went wrong and what went right and what weighs more then the other. Its all a balancing act ladies and gents. All this will also allow you to understand the reason why you want to get back together, or IF you want to get back together. Maybe the pros and cons do not balance with each other, maybe there are more cons, who knows. This step will allow you to have a clear understanding of what is important to YOU.Writing a journal is helpful for some and maybe a waste of time for others. It helped me go through the hard time, and I am here writing about it. So yes, it does help. Its very therapeutic.
Call your friends: Yes, that is important. During the relationship. you must of ignored some of them, or maybe even removed them from your contact list or something, but now, that you are back in the single world, you can go and rekindle the friendship and ask for their help. They understand how painful it can be to lose someone special, so they will want to help you by going out, having fun, enjoy yourself in a group of active and fun pals. Mostly, they help you get distracted from the loss rather then being home and feeling bad about your situation. So go ahead, go have FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!
Now, if journal entry, friends do not make it for you, and you feel drowning into a depression that even winning billions of dollars in lottery won’t take you out of it, then professional therapy is recommended.
Go see a pro, talking about it with a third party perspective can be helpful to you. It can help you understand what you are missing in this whole ordeal, if it actually better for you to be apart. Sometimes, love can blind us, love can make things difficult to grasp what is really going on, means problems that lies within the relationship. Opening your eyes to these problems can help you make a better judgment and move forward. Just make sure you have a trust fund that can help you pay the therapist.
Now, I can’t reiterate enough how fun should be in your TO DO list everyday. Yes, have fun with friends but also learn to have fun by yourself. Yes, BY YOURSELF. Do what you like doing, go and live your life, yes, as a single person, because there is NOTHING wrong to be by yourself. It is very calming because you can’t argue with yourself, unless you have other kind of issues that I can’t help you with but maybe an asylum might be a better alternative.
Write down the activities you like doing, write down what is things that makes you very happy, besides money and sex. Taking your mind off of your situation can help you ease the feelings of desperation and panic. It can also help you see that you can enjoy life on your own. You need to be a whole person before you can make any relationship work.
Now, many will look at me like I am a preacher of some kinds, but here it goes. DO NOT START DRINKING, DO NOT START SMOKING, DO NOT USE DRUGS. That will only interfere in your main goal, which might be getting back with your ex.
Yes, you heard that one before but will not reiterate it enough that a bad situation doesn’t require adapting new bad habits. Get away from all that, and if you were already drinking/smoking/drugs, now is the best time to make a positive change in your life. So again, occupy yourself and take your mind off of all this stuff and learn to enjoy yourself clean and happy. You will see yourself grow for the years to come, with or without the other person. Also, using the drugs might drown your good judgment capabilities and call your ex to get back to them. What will happen then? Hmmmm, let me guess. NOT GOOD! NOT GOOD AT ALL. One more reason for them to say “HELL NO, ain’t going back to that retard again”
Appearance: Well, as I mentioned before, appearance is key, and starting with bettering yourself is a one way ticket to meeting new people, increase confidence, hence, having lots more of fun. Hey, you might even meet much better looking people then your ex, so between you and I, you should Thank your ex for giving you the green light to go and have fun with whoever you want, but be safe along the way!!!
Finally, when you took care of your physical and reach the body of Adonis, go for the wardrobe. Yes, this is where you will be able to look good, feel good, and walk like a KING. This is how real winners are made. Do not let yourself get down, feel down, look desperate. Get up and live your life, so you can show everyone around you, including your gfriend/bfriend/spouse that you are a happy person, that NOTHING can make you feel bad, that you are on top and act like you are as well. Wish ALL of you the best.