How to Feed The Baby After C- section?

Having a cesarean section for the birth of a child, especially when done in an emergency under general anesthesia may affect you in many ways. You will not be conscious to see your baby at the time of birth, you may not hear their first cry, and even milk may also take some time to come. Feeding the child after a C-section is a major concern for many mothers because;

They feel quite tiring sitting for long hours.

They may have a drip on their hand, due to which they are unable to move their hand and hold the baby.

Sitting for a long time can affect the healing time of stitches.

Stitches can get infected which can make it difficult for them to sit.

All these things can make you and your little one frustrated. However, if you follow the right techniques, you can make it easier for you. Once you start to breastfeed, you can do it in the same way as after vaginal delivery. If you are pregnant, you can visit the gynecologist in Islamabad for follow-up visits.

Tips To Feed The Baby After C section

  • Try to have skin-to-skin contact with your baby at least in the first 24 hours as it helps in the milk supply.
  • Feed your baby as much as they want and as often as they want. If you do that, it means your baby is getting the right feed. Also, doing that helps promote the milk supply.
  • Seek someone else’s help to pick up your baby for you. If you pick up your baby there are chances that your stitches may hurt.
  • Seek advice from an expert to tell you about how to express the milk. Doing that can help stimulate milk flow, and someone else can also feed the child through the feeder so you can have some rest.
  • Ask someone senior, your friend, mother, or sister who has fed a baby to guide you so that you can also do that well.
  • Try for different positions and stick to the one most comfortable for you and your child. However, in this case, you should seek professional help and try to keep your baby bit elevated when feeding so that there is no risk of inhaling or choking the milk.
  • If your stitches or operation wound is painful, try putting a pillow that can help protect it. Moreover, to elevate the height, you can put a pillow under your legs so that the baby can reach easily up to your breasts.


Feeding your child after a cesarean section can be challenging. Do not panic about that. Just give your body some time and seek help from your friends, family, and gynecologists. Doing that can make your life easy. Ask mothers who have nursed their children to share their experiences with you that can help in gathering little tips that may ease your journey.

If your stitches are painful. you should go to the doctor and get them checked. Ask them if they can change the pain reliever. Furthermore, observe your wound closely. If pus, fluid, and blood oozing occur with pain in the wound, it can be a sign of an infection that, if left untreated, can become life-threatening for you. Therefore, if you have a complaint of fever with pain or any kind of discharge from stitches, visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible. Also, do not overexert yourself to feed the baby. Even you can combine breastfeed along with top feed for some initial days so that your wound can heal up. If you have delivered a baby and are facing difficulty in milk supply, you can visit the best gynecologist in Lahore.