How to Remove Dark Eye Circles without Surgery and Downtime

We usually consider under-eye dark circles as signs of tiredness or not having sufficient sleep. While these might cause the formation of dark circles, there are different common reasons, like sun exposure or poor diet.

The dark circles might show up in purple or blue for those fair-skinned people, whereas those darker-skinned people might have a black or dark brown. Eye puffiness can accompany the dark circles, although one could exist without the other.

Getting under-eye dark circles isn’t a medical problem. Nevertheless, some usually feel their dark circles impact their appearance and wish to get rid of them through non-surgical dark eye circles removal treatments for cosmetic purposes.

Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

The dark circles under your eyes may be due to the natural aging process. As we age, the skin gets deprived of collagen and gets thin. Thinner skin could make our blood vessels under it more visual, making your under-eye region seem darker.

Aside from our age, below are some probable reasons for the under-eye dark circles:


The body emits a chemical known as histamine as an allergen response, like pet dander or dust. Histamine makes our blood vessels dilate, making them more apparent from beneath the skin.

Excessive Rubbing Of The Eye Area

Histamine could make our eyes itch, prompting scratching and rubbing around our eyes. However, too much rubbing could lead to inflammation and swelling or make the blood vessels under our skin break, resulting in dark circles.


Genetic hyperpigmentation is a common reason for under-eye dark circles. In these instances, the skin around our eyes is darker compared to the rest of our faces — a trait inherited from a family member or parent.


Not having enough sleep could make the skin seem dull. The skin’s paleness lets the darker tissues and blood vessels become more observable through it. Bags under the eyes could also be caused by a lack of sleep, which can create a shadow and make the appearance of dark circles.


Hydration is essential for your general well-being and beauty, since it gives your skin a youthful, bright plumpness. Because our eyes are so near to the deep orbital bone, dehydration can cause our eyes to look hollow or sunken, as well as dark circles.


When areas of skin look darker than the other areas of the skin in a given location, this is known as hyperpigmentation. It can occur on any part of the body, although the hands and face are the most prevalent areas where it occurs. Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a variety of reasons, including sun exposure, hormones, and injuries, as well as heredity.


Cigarette smokers are 4x more inclined to feel restless after a night’s sleep. Smokers, on average, spend shorter time in sleep state than non-smokers. Fatigue, as previously said, can cause under-eye bags and dark circles.

Dark Eye Circles Removal Treatments in Singapore

Rejuran i

Polynucleotides (PN) generated from Salmon DNA are used in Rejuran I, an under eye rejuvenation injectable treatment. Rejuran I is a denser (liquid-like) version of Rejuran Healer, which makes it suitable for use on sensitive skin around the eyes.

Rejuran I contains polynucleotides that improve elasticity, hydration, skin tissue repair, and collagen synthesis, which is an effective dark eye circles removal treatment..

Pico Laser

To handle stubborn pigmentation, the Pico Laser fires in picoseconds. This non-surgical pigment laser dissolves pigmentation that gives the dark eye appearance around your eye into small particles allowing your body to normally metabolise it quickly, while encouraging collagen synthesis for firmer skin around your eyes.


For a natural tightening, lifting, and rejuvenating effect around your eyes, HIFU employs ultrasonic energy to permeate deep into various skin layers to promote collagen and elastin formation.