How to Take Your First Steps

It’s one thing to want to make healthy lifestyle changes, and another entirely to commit to better health every day. While some might be able to keep it up for a week or so, the idea of trying to stay healthy for an indefinite period can be extremely daunting. Such is the reason why so many people abandon their New Year’s resolutions of losing weight and living healthier.

For 2021, statistics show that 50% of participants resolved to improve fitness and exercise more, and 44% resolved to improve their diets.

Getting healthier can seem daunting for those that have spent so long with unhealthy habits, but it doesn’t mean that better health is unattainable. It simply means you have to take things slowly and ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance at success.

How do I motivate myself to do better?

The general tactic when it comes to motivating yourself has to do with smaller goals and milestones. Instead of thinking about the entire process as a whole, think only of how you intend to lose the first few pounds. Think about the kind of exercise you can do, or perhaps what you can do with your diet as a first step. It’s not a good idea to think about the whole picture, as it can be intimidating.

Another means of motivating yourself comes from wellness products. One of the best examples is undoubtedly USDA certified water soluble CBD from, as not only do CBD products come with plenty of potential health benefits but they can also be added to any of your favorite meals and beverages. Even your favorite cup of steaming coffee counts as a wellness product because it can help you destress and focus.

Does that mean I can’t ever have decadent treats?

If you’re an enjoyer of chocolate and other sweet treats, you don’t have to stop yourself from enjoying what you like. All you have to do is regulate when you want sugary foods to help your body recover. Going for your favorite treats is still a great way to reward yourself for sticking to the game plan. You might even develop a taste for healthier treats along the way.

Is there any way to make exercising fun?

If you want to make exercising fun, it’s about taking things at your pace. You can follow tutorials online or hire a fitness trainer if you have the means. That said, it’s all about taking it slow to ensure that you aren’t hit by culture shock. If you push too hard, there’s a chance you might give up at the thought of having to do the same exercise indefinitely. You can make it more fun by getting encouragement from your friends and family, and maybe even urging some of them to exercise with you!

Prioritizing health is like taking your first steps into a much larger world. You must watch those steps, as it’s easy to trip and go right back to unhealthy habits.