Is Your Child Getting the Right Balance of Nutrients?

Nowadays many parents are receiving reports from their child’s teachers that there child is hyperactive and acting up in class. Not sure of how to get their children to act right, often they seek the help of modern medicine to help tame their child’s hyperactivity. Most often times this comes in the form of Ritalin or some other medicinal source. Unfortunately, these medications can sometimes exacerbate the symptoms by creating anxiety, hyperglycemia, sleeplessness, and headaches.
However, most of these behavioral problems can be fixed through proper nutrition. Children are going through an anabolic “growth” phase in which their body needs large amounts of protein and fat to help restore and build their growing bodies. Most child’s diets consist of entirely too much carbs, starch, and sugar. These items metabolize quickly and go right into the blood stream increasing blood sugar levels exponentially causing hyperactivity, combativeness and restlessness. Once their bodies release insulin to combat this surge of sugar in the blood they often times secrete too much so that the end result is a state of being tired, depressed, or withdrawn until their body has completely stabilized.
It is important for children to not eat high sugar or starchy items or processed foods. Many preservatives and additives have a direct link to behavioral problems such as attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. Make sure to incorporate meals that comprise 65{85749dbeb316c0c24e3d1d8256d88d9743ccf0cc93f2eb8c87e0d763618d2741} fat and protein and the other 35{85749dbeb316c0c24e3d1d8256d88d9743ccf0cc93f2eb8c87e0d763618d2741} of carbohydrates. Snacks that are great sources of protein and plenty of whole foods. Food has a very large impact on child’s as well as adults behavior and mood so be very mindful of what you allow your children and yourself to eat.
Remember the way you feel mentally and physically is in direct correlation with the types of foods you put into your body and how your body is able to convert it into fuel. Whole organic foods are the best choices that you can be making for yourself and your family.