Keeping Your Child Healthy This School Year

The school year has started. No matter what grades your children are entering, they cannot avoid the bugs that they are exposed to on a daily basis. Staying healthy can be very difficult, but not impossible.
Help your children start the year off right with these tips:

Make sure your child gets enough sleep – Children and teenagers need at least nine hours of sleep each night to promote good health. Enforce an earlier bedtime a few weeks before school starts to get your child’s internal “clock” adjusted to the new time.
Reinforce regular hand washing – This is one of the easiest, yet more effective ways to keep contaminants away from your child’s body. Hand washing protects against colds and the flu and many other possible diseases. Instruct them to wash their hands before they eat and after using the bathroom.
Make sure your child has a healthy breakfast – A healthy breakfast is absolutely essential for getting your child off on the right foot this school year. It is a proven fact that children who eat breakfast participate more in school, learn better, and do not miss as much school. Protein meal shakes are an excellent addition to any breakfast. They contain essential vitamins and minerals that your child might miss even though they are eating breakfast. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber and protein. Meal shakes are also rich in calcium, which is essential to a healthy body. Make sure to purchase all natural protein shakes that are made specifically for children and are from a reputable all natural company.
Provide your child with all natural Omega 3 supplements – This is something that the majority of parents do not even think of giving their children. Omega 3 for children supplements have amazing benefits for your child’s physical and mental health. Give your children ultra-pure DHA that will significantly improve memory, concentration, and mind skills.
Give your child an all natural children’s multi-vitamin – An all natural children’s vitamin will help to ensure your child is getting the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body. Look for an all natural multi-vitamin that contains lactoferrin. This is a protein that helps children keep their immune systems “supercharged.” There are many all natural companies that provide adequate multi-vitamins; however, there is only one company that offers a children’s vitamin with lactoferrin.
Switch to green cleaners – Conventional cleaning products can be dangerous and can be the cause of many health risks. Conventional cleaning products have been linked to asthma, cancer, hormone disruption, neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity, and many more health problems. These health problems are caused from inhaling or absorbing in the skin and then entering the blood stream. This is not something many people think of when they hear that conventional cleaners are dangerous. They likely think of the immediate dangers of chemically based cleaners, such as: burns to the skin and eyes and immediate lung damage from breathing in the chemicals causing them not to be able to breathe directly after contact. Switching to green cleaners is the best way to ensure you are doing your best to provide your family with the healthiest home environment possible. Green cleaners are not only safer, but are also more effective than conventional your family safe and give your children the best start possible to this school year by providing them with a safe home environment and giving them the all natural supplements they need to thrive. Simply telling them that you love them with a big hug and kiss can go a long way in helping your child start the year off right.