Millbrook a Business Built by a Veteran Supports Veterans and More

Today, veterans face a lot of challenges, and they need more support than ever. That is why it is important to support organizations that provide the resources veterans need, particularly when they return from a Tour of Duty overseas. That is exactly where Millbrook, an organization founded by a veteran, is stepping up to the plate. Led by Andrew Doro, 1st LT, USA, Ret, Millbrook, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), supplies Physicians, Nurses, Advanced Practice Providers, and Allied Healthcare staffing services to government agencies nationwide, specifically the VA.

Millbrook Was Built  With Veterans Mind

Andrew Doro is the president, CEO, and founder of Millbrook, and served his country as a first lieutenant in the United States Army. During his time in active service, Andrew served as a platoon leader, protecting his soldiers during combat operations as they sought to accomplish their objectives. His platoon also handled intelligence operations and pacification. Doro and his platoon saw significant action overseas, and Andy was seriously wounded, and spent nearly two years in an Army hospital, leading to a significant disability. Therefore, he understands firsthand what it is like to return from active duty and adjust to the civilian world. This experience gives him the necessary knowledge and empathy to help others through Millbrook.

Millbrook Supports Veterans

Serving as the CEO of Millbrook, Andrew Doro guides his organization to ensure it supplies the best and brightest healthcare professionals across America. Andy Doro knows that a lot of veterans suffer both physical and mental disabilities that could include injuries that they suffered while overseas, or they may have developed PTSD due to their combat exposure.

Millbrook Has a Strong Network of Medical Professionals

Millbrook has successfully deployed thousands of highly skilled healthcare professionals (HCP) to Federal and State facilities across the USA. With this nationwide footprint and access to over 500,000 medical personnel, Millbrook has a wide spectrum of healthcare Providers readily available for short-term and long-term assignments. So, whether just one healthcare provider is needed or an entire task team, Millbrook’s Recruiters, Credentialers, and Housing & Travel Coordinators are here 24/7 to address our client’s needs. Millbrook understands the need for continuity of care, and our relationship-based approach is vital for meeting the needs of clients, healthcare professionals, and most importantly, the patient. All candidates are thoroughly interviewed, screened, and credentialed, and our staffing specialists work diligently to provide the most qualified healthcare professionals.



Looking to the Future of Veteran Support

Right now, veterans need our support more than ever, and it is important for people to step up to the plate to give the people who defend our country the love and care they deserve. That is exactly what Andrew Doro is doing. It will be exciting to see what Millbrook does next.