Only You Are Responsible For Yourself

Don’t Give In To Your Inner Victim
Times are tough in America, and the recent actions of the federal government indicate things will be getting worse before they get better. Each move toward collective statism, including the president’s recent announcement that he’ll circumvent Congress and the U.S. Constitution by granting amnesty to (likely) millions of illegal aliens, makes it harder to see how a person can take hold of the American dream of liberty and prosperity.
The reason life is tough-getting-tougher in America is that the nation is divided. Deeply divided. One side wants what the nation’s founders wanted: opportunity. The opportunity, free from interference from government or any other worldly power, to live and pursue happiness. When that side is firmly in charge of things in America, more strength and prosperity is created than has been under any other “system” in human history.
But there’s another side, and they want power. Throughout history, in most nations, the power-seekers have fomented revolution and taken charge by force. When that happens, prosperity, happiness, and life itself is destroyed, wholesale, virtually overnight. The victors generally find that, for all their new-found power, they have nothing much left to enjoy. They started with the notion they’d just take what the “fat cats” had… but to oust the fat cats, they had to destroy all those goodies.
Lately (in the last century-plus), the power-mongerers have been executing a new strategy: not revolution, but progressive evolution. They want to convince those who’ve enjoyed opportunity – who’ve worked to earn a fortune – to simply hand that fortune over to them without a fight. How? By first taking over all institutions of influence, from the labor union to the city hall, and from the classroom to the newsroom. Then, leading with admirable-sounding notions such as “fairness” and “equality,” they convince the masses that the unequal PURSUIT of opportunities leads to unequal and unfair RESULTS, and that only a powerful, all-controlling, erudite ruling class can redistribute the resources and ensure true fairness and equality.
They’d like you to willingly hand back America’s hard-won freedom. They’d like you to relinquish your opportunity. They’d like you to stop trying to take care of yourself, and to let them take care of all that arduous stuff for you.
In short, the power-seekers need plenty of “the downtrodden” to take care of… and the more such unfortunates they can create (or import), the better. Success for them looks like this: high unemployment, runaway debt, crippling inflation, burdensome regulation, and whatever else is required to get everyone to give up on the pursuit of opportunity. Disaster for them is when enough people still would rather seize opportunities, work hard, and build the ability to take care of themselves and others… without help from the government.
It should be easy to see that success for the progressives is disaster for the nation. They’ve made it fashionable to disparage the “one percent” – the most successful among us – but if they have their way, the progressives will destroy the vast majority of our nation’s prosperity and strength, they’ll redistribute the misery and want, and they will be the only ones left with anything. There will still be a “one percent” – it’ll be they. And we will have handed it all over to them blindly, but willingly.
Viewed from this perspective, the government’s latest moves make perfect sense. And by the way: throwing the bums out and electing a new government is not a complete remedy to this problem, given that the new boss is likely to be a lot like the old boss. The only way that’ll work is if, after the bums are thrown out, the new bums are closely watched with the same spirit of personal responsibility it’ll take to change governments in the first place. In short, a new boss will only be effective if we, the people, reclaim the power ourselves. Unless we’re really the hands-on bosses, nothing created by the political machinations of our society will help.
That’s what’s more sharply dividing our nation than it’s ever been divided, since the Civil War. There are two types of people out there, and inside each of us. Your inner Victim wants to be taken care of, and is very susceptible to the arguments of collective statism. Your inner Entrepreneur, by contrast, will have none of it. And you’ll be governed in your daily worldly actions by the inner image you nourish the most.
Here’s the good news: the Entrepreneurs among us (only a few of whom own a business) probably still vastly outnumber the Victims. The media, part of the progressive influence machine, would like you to believe that Victims number not only as many as Entrepreneurs, but in fact are in the majority. But if you talk to regular people, you find more and more discontent with the current society’s march toward statism. People are turned off by the far-left media. They are bummed by the liberal messages in every TV show and movie. They wish they could get a straight content lecture from a professor without all the progressive messaging. They’d love to have their union leaders stick to business and stay out of politics. And that’s because, at bottom, America is a nation of Entrepreneurs. National Victimhood – known by its euphemistic label, “socialism” – has been tried (with miserable results) in other nations, throughout history. Here, we’ve seen fit to follow a different course… and we like the way that’s worked out for us.
And you’ll like the way it works out for you, if you’ll hang in there and ignore the complaints of your inner Victim. Nourish your inner Entrepreneur instead. Start a business. Raise a family. Educate yourself about what’s really happening today, and start by learning what really happened in the past – especially whenever the statists gained ground. If you realize that only you are responsible for yourself – and that America is still a land of opportunity where you can not only take care of yourself but create limitless prosperity – your inner Victim will stay on the brink of starvation. Disaster for the progressives… but very good for you.