Pre Natal Care and Infant Health

Your first pregnancy and all subsequent pregnancies are met with concerns for you and the upcoming arrival of your child. One concern is finances, but I have always felt that if you wait until the time is right in regard to whether or not you can have a child based on your income, you just may decide to never have a child. But that is just my personal opinion and I feel it needs to be based on what your personal feelings are as to the needs of a child. My priority falls to love one’s ability to love and nurture a child over all the things that money can buy, education excluded.
Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The task at hand is to deliver a happy and healthy baby and make sure you maintain your health as well. Regular doctor visits are crucial throughout the pregnancy. Usually once your pregnancy is confirmed, one of the first things they hand you is vitamins. These vitamins will help to insure the well-being of your baby and yourself as well. With today’s technology, a doctor can use a method called a sonogram in which he can actually see the infant inside the womb and keep a close eye on its growth and development. How exciting to see that first sonogram photo or hear the first audible sound of the infants heartbeat.
No parent wants to hear that there may be a problem with their infant, but knowing will not only prepare you emotionally but prepare medical staff that could become involved at the time of delivery. Many infant problems can be surgically repaired. In some cases, doctors are even able to perform procedures inside the uterus enabling you to deliver a healthy and problem free infant. On other instances, where the option of repairing a physical handicap is not feasible, you can begin at once to receive counseling in handling any problem that your child may have.
It is hard to believe that in this day and age, a woman would choose not to have pre natal care and yet there are some that do make that choice. It is most common in woman with limited finances and lack of medical insurance that cover the cost of pregnancy. If you are to be honest and straightforward with your obstetrician, he or she may be willing to set up some king of payment plan for you to follow. There are also many clinics and programs available to women with a low income. Some of these low income programs will continue after the birth of your baby and cover the cost of the infant’s formula as well as providing you with some basic necessities to keep your health needs in check as well.
One cannot stress highly enough the importance of pre natal care. From daily vitamins to regularly scheduled doctor visits, both will go a very long way in insuring your baby’s health care and yours.