Selecting the Perfect Manicure for Hands

Maintaining hands that look good is always a point of attraction for everyone. Additionally, how you take care of your hands also says a lot about your personal hygiene and how you take care of yourself. If you are on your way to a nail salon, you may want to first familiarize yourself with all the different types of treatments that you can get for your hands. There are a number of interesting treatments you can choose from to give your hands a hygienic and elegant look at the same time.
Some of the most popular nail and hand treatments are –
1. Paraffin Wax
This is among the most advanced treatments available in nail spas and salons. In this treatment, warm wax will be applied on the body of your hand, wrist and nails with an intention to make your skin softer, smoother and to moisturize it.
2. French Manicure
A very popular choice of treatment, here nail experts typically make use of very light tones of colours that are closest to the tone of your skin. Additionally, a white colour is then applied to the top or tip of your skin. You can ask the expert to shape your nails in a boxed, round or oval form depending on what you think suits you the best. This is a very classy type of nail art which is preferred by those who like versatile and light fashion.
3.The American Nail Spa
This is an entirely organic type of treatment that does not make use of any artificial chemicals or paints in the form of polish. This treatment is popular for the tools it uses to give unique shapes to your nails. Make sure that you go to a well known spa that knows how to handle all the sharp tools if you intend to get this treatment done on your nails and hands.
4. The Hot Stone Treatment
An extremely relaxing experience, this treatment typically consists of an integrated spa which includes the massage of your hands as well as the use of the famous hot stone therapy which helps in making your hands more soft, smooth and gorgeous looking.
5. The Peppermint Sea Twist Nail Spa
Your hands are treated with freshly harvested peppermint, gel and essential oils with the intention to make them look younger and give your hands healthy glowing skin. This treatment is known to purify you skin as well.
6. Gel Treatments
A number of gel based treatments are gaining much popularity among women around the world. This service involves applying a gel to the tip of the nail and is a lot like getting extensions that are perfectly shaped. This is ideal for those who always wanted to carry off perfectly manicured nails but haven’t been able to maintain them due to weak cuticles or other reasons. This treatment typically lasts for 2 weeks or longer depending on your ability to maintain them.
In addition to this, there are a number of other treatments with which you can pamper your hands and make sure they look as gorgeous as you are!