Software For Photography Lovers.”Lightroom Pro Mod Apk”

Adobe Lightroom is a software that is intended specifically for photography lovers. This software is designed to be a tool to process and edit photos, more or less the same as Photoshop. But Lightroom is lighter and easier to operate. In addition to being used on computers, Lightroom is also available in smartphone applications. So, it can be used on Android and iOS smartphones. Lightroom is actually a free app, but you have to buy with a certain amount to get all the features and presets that are in this photo editor application. However, there is a way to get all the features and presets of Lightroom for free, namely by using the Lightroom Pro Mod APK app. 

What is Lightroom Mod? 

Lightroom Mod is an application that has been modified in such a way that all the presets and features that are still locked are already open and can be used for free. 

Face Installer Lightroom Pro 

Make sure you download the Lightroom Pro apk application file via the above download link. 

Find the apk file that has been downloaded earlier, usually in the download folder. 

Then open the Lightroom apk file and select install. 

Just wait until the install process is complete. When you’re done, just open the Lightroom app. 

Once the application is successfully opened, you will be directed to create an adobe account. If you already have one, just log in. If after logging in, the features and presets are still not open all, you should exit the application and restart the phone you are using. 

Done, Lightroom application is ready to use. 

How to Use the Lightroom Mod 

Curious how to use Lightroom Mod without ads that have been downloaded from the link above? 

To make your photo editing look more luxurious as done by a reliable photographer, you can follow the tutorial below as a guide. 

How to Edit Photos in Lightroom for Beginners 

Open the Lightroom Mod app that you installed. 

Once the start page has opened, just click skip. 

Next will appear a new page with various icons at the top 

Because you want to edit your photo, just click the photo logo with the plus sign. 


Then give a check on one or more photos that will be edited. 


Next, click add on the blue column at the bottom right. 

Then wait until the photo is successfully imported into the Lightroom application. 

If you have, a photo notification will appear successfully imported. 

Click the photo you have imported. 

Then a notification will appear on how to use. Just click skip to ignore. 

At the bottom of the editing page there are various features that you can use to edit your photos as you wish. 

When you’re done and want to save your edited photo, you can click the three dots logo in the top right corner. 

Then select the Save to device option. 

Next select the quality of the photos to be saved. You can choose “High quality available” and “Limit to 2048 pixels” please select as needed. 

If you have, click Ok to save the photo. 

Features of Lightroom Pro 


When you first use this app, there must be some people who are confused about how to use it and what can be done with this editing application. 

Therefore, you should know in advance what excellent features are on the Lightroom Mod. 

Color correction, and color grading are very capable. 

Using a dark background so that it has a very comfortable look in the eyes. 

Can be used on android with small RAM starting from 512 MB RAM. 

There are already 1200 free featured presets available. 

All presets are open. 

Can be used on android phones with a minimum jellybean OS and so on. 

There are many presets that can be used to beautify your photos to the maximum. 

To enjoy all of the features above, please download Lightroom for free and follow the photo editing guide easily and quickly with the help of presets. 

Advantages of Lightroom Pro 

The Lightroom app is more commonly used to change the color of photos, adjust brightness, clean noise, and give other color effects. So that makes the photos that were originally ordinary become more enchanting. The color effects game contained in the Lightroom application is the main advantage. But that’s not all, because there are still other advantages that you can get, namely: 

1. Connect directly with the camera 

The feature of direct connection to smartphone cameras is an advantage. 

Because we can directly take pictures through the application so it does not work twice to do editing. With this feature will take more time efficiently. 

2. More varied features 

Rarely do photographers share the original photos they managed to took, on average they do some editing of the photos. Usually the editing process is done more towards setting the color, brightness, size adjustment and some other effect application. 

The Lightroom app provides a wide selection of features and tools, giving users the flexibility to experiment. With this feature you can express the atmosphere in the photo becomes even stronger. 

3. Very detailed cleaning features 

Compared to Photoshop it turns out that Lightroom has much more detailed cleaning tools. Lightroom features Spot Removal and Adjust Brush. 

Both of these features will help you to clean up unnecessary parts in the photo up to even the smallest point. For example, to clean acne and black spots found on the face. 

4. Complete color composition 

Lightroom has a complete color composition ranging from white balance tools, lens corections, hue saturation and luminance, presence, tonal, and many more. All the features can be used for free, as long as you use the Lightroom Pro version of the app. 

5. History editing saved 

When you have finished editing and saving the photo into JPEG format, then the editing process page will not automatically disappear you can still open the editing page if the photo is saved in PSD format. This is very helpful if there are less added effects, or when editing there are other more important jobs so the editing process is stopped first. History editing can still be resumed even after exiting the application and the smartphone has been turned off. 

6. Cloud synchronization features 

This feature allows its users to save edited photos into the cloud. So, it can be accessed through other devices. For example, you can do editing using a computer, then continue using a smartphone to make it easier and faster to upload to social media. 

7. High resolution 

The photos produced by the average DSLR camera have a large size and quality and not many editing applications are capable of processing them. But the Lightroom app is able to edit it for the better. Even for RAW format photos can still be edited using lightroom mod. This app has a lot of amazing effects that are almost on par with DSLR cameras. Lightroom Pro mod Apk is still the best photo editing app to date. This is because there are still many who use and search for presets from Lightroom to make photos better before they are uploaded to social media. 

For those of you who want to use the full-featured photo editing application, you can download Lightroom Pro Mod apk through the download link on the