Healthy Food Tips: Top 5 Best Foods to Prevent Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a ubiquitous “silent” disease of the bones that leads to fragile bones and increases the risk of fracture. Certain foods can help you prevent this disease and improve your overall health. Eating an alkalizing diet with foods high in calcium and avoiding sodas, sugar, coffee, and alcohol are the best ways to fend off osteoporosis. While women are more prone to develop this condition, men may also be affected. Your diet should provide at least 1,200 milligrams of calcium each day. Here are top five best foods to prevent osteoporosis:
Dairy Products
Dairy products are rich in calcium and vitamin D. If you are on a diet, choose low fat milk, yogurt, and cheese to reduce calories and saturated fat. Those who are lactose intolerant can drink milk with added lactase enzymes. Some dairy products are fortified with vitamin D.
Broccoli is an excellent source of calcium, …

Healthy Food Tips: Smart Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Recent studies indicate that humans have an innate preference for the taste of sugar. If you’re like most people, then you haven’t quite figured out how to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. The good news is that there are plenty of snacks and sweet treats that can be part of a balanced diet if enjoyed in moderation. You can have your favorite cake and eat it too, as long as you don’t go overboard. The following substitutes have an amazing taste and are much more wholesome for you than their junk food counterparts:
Eat Dark Chocolate
If you are craving for chocolate, go ahead and get some – but make sure it’s dark chocolate. Researchers have found that dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids and antioxidants. Some varieties are loaded with calcium and probiotics. Dark chocolate supports cardiovascular health and increases your energy levels.
Get Some Yogurt…

Follow These Tips To Get Your Healthy Skin

One of the most important things in life is knowing that you have good skin. Beauty derives from the skin because it is what a lot of people spend time looking at. Your face should look as beautiful as it can by taking care of your skin, and your arms and legs should equally be objects of desire. Good skin is a big part of these parts of your body, this is why you should try your best to take care of your skin and make it look beautiful.
Gently wash your skin, this helps your skin stay moisturized and clean for a long time. Avoid scrubbing your skin too much because it will only harm it if you do this. Your skin should be clean and smooth. Even if it takes longer for you to take a shower, you are going to want to wash your skin thoroughly, and …

7 Reasons For A Healthy Lifestyle Change

So, you’re sitting there on the sofa, watching TV and eating your favorite snack food, you know what I’m talking about – chips, cookies, ice cream and the like, when you look down to brush the crumbs away and the thought hits you. Wow! I really need to do something about this (poor eating, belly rolls, thighs like tree trunks – the giant trees kind of trunks, couch-potato-ness). I will run, umm… drive, to the store and grab the latest, greatest diet book and hit it hard, not not on your forehead, get the new diet going with a grand new desire to recommit to get that weight off.
Problem is, you never get to the book/magazine section of any store. Or say you do, but never actually even open the book/magazine. Okay, for the sake of argument, you do the diet. You actually lose a little something, but it …

Healthy Childhood

America is a country of innovation and over the last two or three decades, much of that innovation has been focused on improving the lives of children. Unfortunately, the law of unintended consequences sometimes has the last laugh and things that were intended to make things better, sometimes end up doing more harm than good.
Advancements in the food industry to make food cheaper and more abundant, in addition to the entertainment industry catering to children has made it difficult for our kids to do what seemed natural to them just a few decades ago: go out and play. Video games and unlimited television channels can now be used by remote controls without ever getting up. Children eat terrible foods at home and at school. It is well-documented that the children of today have sedentary lifestyles which cause onset of obesity and diseases.
To help our children be more healthy, …