Pandemic Pressure Pushes Some Health Care Workers Toward Unions

A examine of almost 108,000 folks has found that people who frequently drink a modest amount of alcohol are at increased danger of atrial fibrillation, a situation where the heart beats in an irregular rhythm. Viral vector vaccines use a innocent virus to deliver genetic code to our cells, which make a pathogen’s protein, letting the physique develop immunity to new infections. Mexico marked a grim milestone with 1,584 confirmed COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, the country’s highest day by day complete thus far because it struggles to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

COVID-19 can also be raising totally new issues for employees to organize round. At the forefront is the dearth of PPE, which was famous in one-third of the health worker deaths catalogued by KHN and The Guardian.


At St. Mary Medical Center exterior Philadelphia, brief staffing led nurses to strike in November. Donna Halpern, a nurse …