The Benefits Of Bird Feeding


The small act of bird food can have an immeasurable effect on the bird owner’s local ecosystem. Here are a few of the benefits the bird owner notice:

Bird Feeding Helps the bird owner Experience Nature


A bird feeder provides the bird owner with the chance to take notice of the wonders of nature, taking some break from the stress of everyday living. The bird owner ones having access to feeders learn to identify bird species, showing them the significance of taking care of animals. Having a constant source of meals in the bird owner’s feeders, the bird owner can have birds in the bird owner’s yard year-round. Houses had bird feeders draw in more birds as time passed than those with no feeders.


Bird Feeding Encourages Healthy Birds

Birds in backyard bird feeders tend to be generally better than birds in locations with no feeders, so feeding birds makes a world of difference for the future of wild birds. Birds’ stress levels tend to be lower where bird foods are present, and their body condition improves.


Bird Feeding Offers Relaxation and Decreases Stress

Among the most calming sounds, the bird owner can experience the joyful chirping of wild birds in the trees around the bird owner’s backyard. Millions of Americans frequently feed wild birds and have made it a longstanding tradition of their lives. People love bird feeding as a calming source of organic beauty and entertainment just outside their windows. In a world consumed with technology, bird feeding provides a great escape to unwind from everyday stressors.


Bird Feeders Supplement Natural Food Sources

Birds eat up to 10,000 calories each day (the human equivalent of a 155,000 calorie diet!), so backyard bird feeders are useful for wild birds’ ferocious feeding requirements. Birds spend much of their day foraging for food to satisfy their needs and the requirements of their little nestlings. Bird feeders are a simple food source and an effective way for birds to use their limited foraging energy.


Bird Feeders Give Birds Energy for Migration

Excellent food sources along migration routes provide birds food for the journey. Birds migrate because of instinct, changing weather, and length of days, so feeding birds will not cause them to miss their annual migrations. The same holds for hummingbirds.


Bird Feeders make available Food throughout Cold, Barren Months

Some bird types do not migrate throughout the chilly months, so these backyard birds benefit from year-round access to bird feeders. Whenever scarce food sources are covered in snow, bird feeders offer an important and readily available food supply for winter birds.


The basic act of setting up a bird feeder for bird food and keeping it full and clean can considerably enhance the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Based on research conducted recently by Millikin University, survival rates for birds are 38 {fbf1d863144c338fea05c07744a3c5d556a9dc350b231d58a1febacd8f5bd117} higher in locations where bird feeders are present, and places with bird feeders have a greater percentage of the bird owners’ birds recruited into the breeding population than places without.