The Growing Desire to Eat Healthier Caused the Increased Demand and Popularity of Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets create the ability of empowerment for individuals and their families to support their communities actively. The continued growth of the desire to eat healthier has a symbiotic relationship with Farmers Markets throughout the United States. Farmers Markets are the last example of the growing effect of small business, specified by both ruling political parties in the United States as the backbone of America, that make big agricultural conglomerates insignificant. The thoughts of people wishing to improve diets are more and more combined with those that benefit community. The United States has millions of communities where local farmers enrich the lives of people who live in and near them with their crops, labor as well as the resulting money brought to or left in those communities.
This empowerment enriches the entire community system. Most of this enrichment is immediate. It is immediate to the families and individuals consuming fresh food. The nutritional benefits provide immediate, medium-term and long-term benefits for the entire family. The health benefits alone bring an immediate benefit to them and their communities. This immediate benefit grows exponentially for as long as this method of shopping utilization occurs. The fact remains; healthier people are happier. Happier people are more productive for their families, their communities and their employers.
Happier people enrich their communities reduce crime, improving public health and creating a community that can thrive in a progressive manner. The progressive manner enables innovation and creativity. Innovation reduces crime, waste and pollution. Negativity cannot thrive or grow in a community that functions in this manner. Public health, in its current form in the United States seeks to treat health conditions that affect the community at large. Public Health does not primarily seek to prevent health problems before they occur. Health risks such as weight, being over-weight and/or obese are prime examples. The new food plate is an example of this as it evolved from the food pyramid it replaced.
Neither the plate or the pyramid improved the diets in the United States. This will never happen. It will never happen because people do not change without the opportunity to change. These opportunities must be convenient. To be convenient, the opportunities must be close. Close to walk to or close to drive to. The increase of Farmers Markets addresses the convenience issue. Farmer Markets also address the issue of enabling the reduction of crime, waste and pollution. When I read positive reports such as “A survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture shows the number of farmer’s markets increased nationally by 9.6 percent in 2012. Agriculture officials say the continued growth illustrates the importance to consumers of locally-grown food and the desire to know your farmer.
This is why I enjoy writing about healthier eating, healthy food preparation and healthy food preparation products.