Tips for Choosing Survival Knives

Now, the knife has become a very vital tool for activity in the wild. The reason is, the knife can be used as a tool for survival and also for other purposes when adventuring.

For that, before choosing to buy a survival knife, you have to consider several things so that the knife you buy does not disappoint and ends up not being used.

The first step in choosing a survival knife is choosing the right knife. Because survival knives have various shapes. Starting from bushcraft activities, there are also those devoted to the military such as tactical and combat survival knives.

All of these survival knives are designed to be used in a variety of situations and conditions. Meanwhile, the prices of survival knives also vary, starting from the cheapest to expensive ones. However, you can choose a multifunctional survival knife.

Here are some tips for choosing a survival knife, as summarized from various sources.

1. Choose Based on the Size Required

When you are going to buy a survival knife, the first thing to consider is the size of the knife. The size of this knife can be adjusted according to the situation and condition, as well as your body size.

2. Choose a knife material according to its use

In addition to size, another basic consideration when choosing a survival knife is in terms of material or materials. Survival knives are made of a variety of different materials depending on their use.

3. Choose By Knife Shape

The shape of the survival knife can also affect the level of sharpness. Survival knives are generally V-shaped or also known as flat knives with medium durability and sharpness.

4. Choose a Lockable Knife

Another tip is to choose a knife that can be locked and has its sheath so that it is safer when carried everywhere. The lock type on this survival knife or outdoor knife also consists of various types, including lock-back and liner lock types.

Best Survival Knife Recommendations

1. Benchmade Turret Knife

The first outdoor knife recommendation was from the Benchmade brand. Benchmade Turret Knives are the best choice for those of you who need a knife with mini or small size. This knife has a size of approximately 6 cm with a blade thickness of about 2 mm.

Although its size is relatively small, this survival knife is sharp enough and very practical to carry when you do outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or fishing in the sea.

2. Bugout 535

Still from the Benchmade brand, another recommendation for the best survival knife is the Bugout 535 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife. This knife, which is priced at $145.00, is perfect for those of you who are beginners in doing outdoor activities because it is safe and easy to carry everywhere.

This knife uses an ergonomic and anti-slip rubber TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers) material for the handle or handles, making it more comfortable and safe even though it is held firmly, and minimizes accidents when using it. This knife you can find only at

3. Kershaw Faultline Pocketknife

For those of you who want to do outdoor activities in the open and quite extreme, then Opinel No.12 Explore is the right choice. The survival knife is equipped with a black oxide coating on the anti-slip handle and is not easily damaged.

With a variety of advantages offered, this best quality survival knife from Faultline is priced at a fairly expensive price, which is around $31.51.