Tips for Traveling With Food Allergies

Let’s be honest — having food allergies can make eating anywhere but home a major undertaking. You have to read labels and double-check with those preparing the food, and then there is still the risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen or manufacturing facility. The sad truth is that it can be a real pain finding a suitable meal on the road when food allergies are in play. Here are some tips to make traveling a bit easier, if not perfectly seamless. 

Pack a Few Snacks

This will not solve the problem of meals, but it can help keep you from getting angry and making a bad food choice. It is probably also much better for you than grabbing a quick bite at the drive-through. Products like gluten freedom original muesli make it easy to accommodate food allergies and sensitivities no matter where you are. 

Stick With Whole Foods

Foods with limited ingredients are much easier to keep track of when you have a food allergy. Plus, the lack of processing makes them much healthier for you in the long run. Choosing whole foods can be as simple as grabbing a piece of fresh fruit, some veggies and a wedge of fresh cheese at the market for a light lunch.

Book Accommodations With a Kitchen

One bad thing about eating at a restaurant is that you don’t have access to the ingredient label for every item in your meal. Booking a suite or apartment with a kitchen can help you avoid this lack of information. Yes, you’ll be preparing many of your own meals on vacation, but you know they will be things you like and ones that are safe for you to eat.

Finding suitable foods when you are traveling can be difficult when you have a food allergy. Eating whole foods, choosing accommodations with kitchens and packing some snacks to hold you over can make it easier.