Tips to Stop Fighting in a Relationship

As the honeymoon phase is over, many relationships struggle to do better. If you listen to psychologists, then it is roughly ten reasons why a relationship fails. Lack of chemistry, compatibility, unmet expectations and trust issues are also included in them. At the start of a relationship, you talk, you try to understand each other and in between, surprise your lover in some or another way. You also send gifts, try to stay connected as much as you can and make things possible.

But as your relationship grows, the honeymoon period fades, and you start fighting. Arguing is not a problem, but when you start avoiding your relationship and start taking it for granted, handling poorly, that leads to the fall of an affair that could have grown elegantly. No one is perfect, but with better understanding and piousness, you can handle your conflicts well.

Fighting is fine, but stretching a fight and not looking for the root problem is what most relationships don’t consider, and they do not last long. If you are in a relationship and you see yourself fighting more than enjoying, that’s a complex topic to deal with. Get assured that you are in the right relationship and you want to continue further with the person you fall in love with some time back. If yes, then scroll down to see how you can stop or reduce or avoid arguments that degrade your relationship.

Argue Face to Face

Arguing on the phone or calls can have a negative impact on your relationship. So, it’s better to take out your frustrations when you are physically present together. When you argue face-to-face, you can see the pain and resentment on your partners’ faces, which sometimes help you slow down and think about the root cause of problems.

Wait for Situation to Cool Down

Often in a relationship, people do not wait for the situation to cool down. They take the decisions which could have been avoided. Walkout and then regret their temper situation. So, it is better you let the situation calm down and then discuss the issues and if you cannot resolve or give it a try, then walk out without any regrets but not when you are in the middle of a conflict.

Remember Why You are in A Relationship

When the fight starts, couples do not realise that they fell in love, and then they decide mutually to continue. Till they are in a honeymoon period, they find it all incredible, but once the conflicts begin, they lose it all. It is better to remind yourself that you fell in love with that person and the disputes are just part and parcel of life which can be solved with mutual understanding.

Consider Creating Boundaries for A Fight

Often while fighting, couples get out of control which results in the bad behaviour of both. Swearing, yelling at each other, breaking things can all divert your mind from real issues you are facing. So, in such time, sit down even if you are angry and try to talk about the problems calmly. Try to listen to each other and their points instead of losing your temper.

Try to Relive Honeymoon Period

Due to emotional baggage and continuous fights, you are not able to give an appropriate time to yourself and your partner. You try to run away from each other. Therefore, take some time off and revisit the memories when you two were happy with each other, try to send gifts to each other which are the best tricks to seek attention of your partner, bring a smile and in between, study the root cause of all the fights.

Take Care of Conflict as Soon as Possible

When you stretch a fight and keep arguing by digging the old stuff, it complicates the relationship. Couples who intensify the conflict often end up on an unsatisfactory note. Not speaking up or letting your emotions simmer leads to unspoken resentments that are not good for any healthy relationship. So, it’s better to speak up and try to approach the conflict and its solution as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Every couple is unique and faces some rough patches in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t compatible with each other. These fights don’t decide your love life and can be overcome easily. But only if you are tired of disputes and wants to grow old together, then only any therapies or tips will help resolve the issues. Sometimes, even treatments cannot resolve issues the way you can. Just go through the root of the problem and try to bring about the most prominent solution in that situation. If you do not feel like fighting more, the tips mentioned above will help you resist and live a better life together.