Top 5 Bestselling GNC weight loss supplements

There are two kinds of people in the fitness world – one who are looking to shed off extra kilos and inches from their body, and the other who want to gain lean muscle mass. Those who embark on a weight loss journey know it is all about grit and dedication. You need to put in constant efforts to accomplish your fitness goals and reduce excess weight. 

Weight loss is a combination of optimal workout, the right kind of diet, and GNC supplements for weight loss. There are so many different kinds of weight loss tablets available that it can be a little daunting to choose the best suitable weight loss supplements for you. GNC supplements are developed scientifically to make sure that they do not cause you any negative effects on your body.There are many problems associated with obesity like – hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, joint pain, breathing problem etc. When you lose weight you feel better about yourself and reduce these problems as well. But always, opt for scientifically developed weight loss supplements and not just any random product which promises you oodles of kg loss in a week’s time. 

Check out these 5 top selling GNC supplements for weight loss. 

  1. GNC Total Lean – Lean Shake 25

Take your weight loss journey to the next level with one of India’s top selling meal replacement shake – GNC Total Lean – Lean Shake 25. It contains the right balance of protein to provide energy and support metabolism and dietary fiber for low glycemic response and to maintain proper digestion and create bulk and time span between your two meals. You can have it between two meals as a healthy snack and it is perfect for people on the go who don’t want to compromise on nutrition. 

The main benefits of this GNC supplement are – it is a healthy meal replacement shake that helps sustain and maintain lean muscle tone, enhances body’s metabolism, aids in weight management, provides right balance of essential nutrients for overall well-being. 

  1. GNC BodyDynamix Water Shedding Pill

You might not be aware, but water retention in your body can lead to weight gain and bloating. GNC BodyDynamix Water Shedding Pill is an effective weight loss tablet with an advanced formula. It is clinically shown to improve bloating and support digestive comfort in just 7 days. It features a stimulant-free all natural herbal blend. 

Some of the other main benefits of including this weight loss tablet in your routine are – helps regulate water balance in your body, comes with an advanced water shedding formula, enhanced with prebiotics and vital electrolytes, and reduces water retention. As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules daily for best results. 

  1. GNC Total Lean Appetrex Control

Next on the list of best GNC supplements for weight loss we talk about GNC Total Lean Appetrex Control. GNC Total Lean Appetrex Control is clinically shown to help control your appetite and reduce calorie intake that ultimately helps with weight loss and weight management. It has a multi-action formulation that combines energizing herbs yerba mate extract and black tea with EGCG, a major thermogenic component of green tea to support healthy metabolism. 

The main advantages are – boosts energy and metabolism, reduces calorie intake, is enriched with chromium that supports your metabolism, and has B group vitamins that help with energy production. As a dietary supplement, take 2 tablets once daily 30 – 60 minutes before lunch or dinner. 

  1. GNC NDS Censor 

GNC NDS Censor is a really popular GNC supplement for weight loss. It is a specialized body toner that helps losing extra inches from your body, supports healthy fat metabolism, provides extra omega fatty acids that help with weight loss and weight management, maintains cholesterol levels, and is ideal for healthy hair, skin, eyes, and nails. 

It is a stimulant free weight loss tablet which is ideal for people who want to shed off extra kilos and inches from their body. As a dietary supplement, take 2 softgel capsules up to three times daily with food. 

  1. GNC Garcinia Cambogia 

Last but certainly not the least is one of the best supplements for weight loss all over the world – GNC Garcinia Cambogia. It is a natural support for healthy weight management and has been a part of traditional weight loss tablets as well. Include this highly effective GNC supplement for weight loss in your routine and you wouldn’t regret it. 

GNC Garcinia Cambogia helps with metabolism of fat and acts as a natural appetite suppressant. It restricts lyase from converting extra carbohydrates into fat. By restricting this enzyme, it also helps the body burn more carbohydrates and balances your metabolism. It increases serotonin levels to help emotional eaters. Each serving provides 500 mg of garcinia cambogia fruit extract. 

GNC Garcinia Cambogia is a vegetarian supplement that’s ideal for both men and women. As a dietary supplement, take one capsule daily one hour before meal. 

Buy all these GNC supplements for weight loss directly from – It is the official GNC website in India and the one stop solution for all kinds of weight loss tablets and other fitness supplements. We highly recommend that you consult your doctor before including any new GNC supplements in your weight loss routine. Also make sure to read the dosage instructions on each of the GNC supplement carefully to avoid consuming excess amount.