Top 9 Plants That Brings Peace to Mankind

Plants are known as natural healers as they provide fresh air, healing and spiritual connection. Since plants come from the earth, they carry the natural energy within themselves. Due to their natural living energy, they attract positivity around. Plants can add a lot to the atmosphere at home. There are some plants that help us heal spiritually and make our lives better and easier. So, if you are looking for such plants, then here is a list of spiritual plants that help us become a better person in life, leaving all the stress behind. So let’s get started!


Lavender is a beautiful, sweet-smelling plant that is believed to reduce stress levels, eliminate toxins, induce relaxation, and manage blood pressure. The plant is also used to reduce depression and is counted among the best spiritual plants. Infuse happiness and relaxation in your life with this amazing aromatic plant. Lavender also helps eliminate negative energy and promotes healing. A great gift to give your friends and family.


Bamboo is known to attract happiness and wealth. It provides security and luck, also breaks curses and grant wishes! Bamboo is said to increase mental flexibility, aid in spiritual development, help people develop artistic talent, and encourage good health. If you are depressed, bamboo is a wonderful plant to have in your home, as it can help you get less stressed.

Basil or Tulsi

Tulsi is already considered a sacred plant in India. People have been worshiping this plant for a long time. The antioxidant properties of basil create positivity not only within but also in the environment. The title of being the most spiritual plant is bagged by basil. Basil plant is known to bring wealth and good fortune. Bring this plant home and surround yourself with positivity.

Peace lily

According to Feng Shui, this plant is a symbol of peace and tranquility. In addition, it serves as a source of positive radiation in purifying the surroundings and air. This plant is also found to reduce the chance of headache and boost your mental health. The Peace Lily can also grow in a low-light location so, you can keep it in your bedroom or bathroom. Also, it comes under the category of best air purifier plants online, as per NASA.


If you are searching for some magical plants to heal you spiritually and mentally, then a sage is one of them. Sages provide extraordinary spiritual cleansing benefits, such as eliminating anger and reducing fear. It stimulates positive energy and also brings many medicinal properties.


In addition to being truly pre-operative, Jasmine helps strengthen relationships and build romance at home. This tends to release a lingering aroma behind, which can help calm a stressed mind. Also, as experts recommend, when indoors, keep the plant near the window of the house and see that it is magically growing.


One of the indoor plants that bring good luck and fights negative energy around you is thyme. This plant is known to bring health and strength to the house and also helps in dealing with nightmares. The plant repels pests and cleanses the aura.

Snake plant

Snake plants areknown to provide positive energy in their space. Snake plants serve as a reminder that even when you may feel alone or experience a difficult time, you can still survive in the most difficult circumstances. Bring a snake plant home, find a quiet place in your house to sit next to it, close your eyes, breathe deep, find the clean air it provides and your peace. They are durable and require very little attention while they grow.

English Ivy

In addition to being beautiful, Ivy is known for its air-filtering quality and removal of unwanted energy and toxins from the surroundings. According to people with spiritual beliefs, keeping an ivy plant in the doorways or passage welcomes good luck and health at home.

Bring these amazing spiritual plants to your home and make yourself feel more at peace and positive. So, which positive energy plant is your favorite and which one you plan to add inside your home to welcome happiness and good mental health? Happy healing! Happy health!