Training Benefits By Eating Breakfast

The importance of breakfast should never be overlooked when it comes to attaining a well toned and healthy body. For years and years bodybuilders have stressed how important eating breakfast is to build muscle and burn fat also.
Many sceptics, who have for many a year over simplified diet and exercise argued that missing a meal won’t hurt and should help you lose weight. The science has never backed this up as studies have always shown that missing breakfast encourages the body to slow the engines down, reducing the metabolic rate and preparing it to store as much fat as possible from anything consumed. These same studies have shown that eating breakfast (or breaking the fast) kick starts the metabolism and encourages the body to utilise fat stores as energy. Without eating Breakfast our bodies encourage the breakdown of Amino Acids (muscle tissue) for fuel.
Recent studies, presented at the Neuroscience 2012 conference have went into even further detail using 21 participants at the Imperial College London. Using people described as normal weight – based on their height and age as guidance.
Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (RMI), the Brain’s of the participants were scanned for activity after viewing images of low Calorie and High Calorie food. All 21 participants showed no bias towards high calorie foods if they had Breakfast 90 minutes before being shown the images. In stark contrast all 21 participants showed a very strong bias to images of high calorie foods if they had skipped Breakfast illustrating the difficulties of reducing food intake and eating healthy food as we are going against are very own cognitive processes to do so.
The scans were focused on the Orbitofrontal cortex which is the part of the Brain most associated with food appeal, and activity levels in this region were dramatically increased on an empty Stomach.
The study again leans towards the importance of keeping a steady Blood sugar level, one can achieve this by eating foods low in the Glycemic index such as starchy whole grain foods. It also adds weight to what body builders have said all along about building muscle and staying lean, and this is to eat little and often. Maintaining a steady Blood sugar level allows the body to never crash and use Protein for fuel, which helps people build muscle mass and stops the body from being encouraged to crave fat and store it.
The saying that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day may not be the wives tail we were once led to believe!