What a Day at a Senior Residence is Like

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Although there are many differences between an assisted living facility and a nursing home, in addition to the benefits already proven, there are still many myths and beliefs that stop families from allowing their elderly loved ones to enjoy this experience.  Many assisted living communities incorporate activities in the home for the patrons. We will discuss some of what you should expect for your loved ones. 

The Activities

The activities could begin with physical conditioning, in which therapists perform a series of exercises suitable for all kinds of conditions and abilities. In the same way, they can enter Zumba or yoga classes, which are usually preferred within the community.

Later, residents can take art or music classes where they can learn new things, an important factor to encourage an older adult to stimulate inter-neuronal connections, maintain adequate aging and avoid pathologies.

The Celebrations

At different times, the residents may enjoy special celebrations. There is always a reason to celebrate, especially birthdays where the family and staff are invited to participate. There are also other occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day; as well as Mother’s and Father’s day.

The Amenities

Among other amenities, residents can relax on the terrace with a delicious cup of coffee or play dominoes with your friends. Many assisted living establishments are equipped with a library, beauty salon, gym and even a cinema.

Do your Research

If you want to put your elderly relative into one of these Sarasota assisted living communities, check to see the activities offered, the amenities, and how a day in the life of your loved one would make them feel at home.