What is the science behind incense sticks?

We have all seen incense sticks in our homes and temples. They burn for a few hours and leave behind a beautiful fragrance that is calming and pleasant. They create a calm and spiritual environment that is best suitable for prayer. Most incense sticks are natural room fresheners that also purify the air. But have you ever wondered about what they are made of and how do they last long?

What are incense sticks made of?

Incense sticks are made from several different ingredients. Incense sticks consist of binding flammable material that creates the smoke paired with aromatic material that releases the fragrance. The flammable binding material can be wood or charcoal. This binding material also helps give the sticks a particular shape. The aromatic material can be anything between sandalwood, musk, patchouli. Incense manufacturers usually make their sticks out of whatever ingredients are locally available for the binding and the aromatic material. 

The science of incense sticks

In India, Agarbattis are made from the wood of Agar trees. These trees grow in a tropical climate and are evergreen. Their wood is lightweight yet durable which makes it the best wood for Agarbatti sticks. According to the National Centre of Biotechnology Information, US, an incense stick contains 21{fbf1d863144c338fea05c07744a3c5d556a9dc350b231d58a1febacd8f5bd117} herbal and wood powder, 35{fbf1d863144c338fea05c07744a3c5d556a9dc350b231d58a1febacd8f5bd117} fragrance material, 11{fbf1d863144c338fea05c07744a3c5d556a9dc350b231d58a1febacd8f5bd117} adhesive powder and 33{fbf1d863144c338fea05c07744a3c5d556a9dc350b231d58a1febacd8f5bd117} bamboo stick. While bamboo sticks are usually used elsewhere, in India, Agar wood takes its place. That is because Hinduism does not support the burning of bamboo wood. 

Best incense sticks in India

Incense sticks come in different forms. Agarbattis are one form of incense sticks. Incense sticks also come in coils, cones, and powders. In India, these incense cones are usually called Dhoop. Mangaldeep is a big manufacturer of Agarbatti and Dhoop sticks. Mangaldeep Agarbattis and Dhoop sticks are ethically made from local organic flower waste of temples. They are manufactured by rural, lower-class women and bring them empowerment and wages. Mangaldeep Agarbattis and Dhoop sticks are manufactured with the best quality fragrances that are calming and create a spiritual environment wherever they are used. 

Benefits of using incense sticks at home

Incense sticks are burned for several reasons in homes. They purify the air and create an environment that enhances concentration. Incense sticks are known to cure mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and sleeplessness. Known by Hinduism and Buddhism for a long time, studies too have shown that incense sticks use aromatherapy to calm the mind and the heart and vastly improve concentration. That makes praying a better and distraction-free experience. Incense sticks can be used even during other times like while meditating, practising yoga, classical dance or singing. 

How to use incense sticks?

Incense sticks are flammable products that need to be kept away from other flammable products. Incense stick makers advise using stands to burn these sticks as they should not come in contact with anything. The right way to use an incense stick is to burn it with a small flame and fan it off once the tip of the stick has been burnt fully. The incense stick can stay lit for at least 90 minutes or more. Use a Mangaldeep Agarbatti today for a pleasant-smelling home and a heartful prayer time.