What Will It Take For You To Believe You Can Control Your Health?

Have you just resigned to do nothing more about your health, because you think that what you are doing is all you need? What if your sugar, cholesterol, or CRP or homocysteine levels will not normalize. What if your A1C is way over the normal range?
Have you read the article “Getting Older is Not About Eating Less, It Is About Enough Nutrition”?
People who really want to change, or learn something new, will be open to the idea, yes you can control your blood levels, and how your body is reacting to food that is “good for you”, and how your body will react to food that is “bad for you.”
Have you thought about life insurance too late, and now you are unhealthy and have to pay more for coverage, and you need it and the cost is exorbitant?
What if you are not insurable at all, because you have type II diabetes, or have had cancer? I know there are genetic markers for cancer and I will forgive those. It’s those people who need to learn to take care of themselves better, the people who can still make change, and haven’t passed the point where they have done themselves permanent harm.
You can be proactive, and turn things around. You can create a legacy for your children for less the cost when you are in balance. What is in balance. That is an interesting question. The census is, that being in balance, is the same for every one. It really isn’t. When you read the article “Getting Older is Not About Eating Less, It Is about Enough Nutrition” you can understand, that even though this is hard to believe, it has benefited many of my friends and colleagues. The same thing doesn’t work for every body. No, not all my friends are listed right now, and I do have to tell you about my friend Jim, he is also a blood Type B. For years I have traveled to meetings with him and his family. I finally convinced him that chicken was poison for him. He finally decided to quit eating chicken, and started eating more beef, lamb, and turkey. He told me he has lost 11 pounds. He started hearing, because his sugar was going up. He is doing much better now.
I know you may consider waiting until your sugar starts going up. What if you get cancer instead. Would you have wished that you took action before you got cancer?
Maybe someone is making fun of you, and you want to get your “power” back. Here is how. Maybe they love you just the way you are, and you are not compelled to make any changes. Take heed, you may wish you had.
Learning which foods benefit your body the most, and how to combine them most efficiently for the feeling of being full and not hungry is the goal to teaching you what works for you. The Blood Type Diet book can get you started. It is where I started.
Take control, so you can be what you need to be so as not to become a burden to your children or the health care system of the future. If we do really have monetary limits on coverage, you may want to learn how to empower your body to be the best it can be NOW.