Why Using Pet Sitters Is A Better Option Than A Kennel

We fully understand the anxiety and stress that comes with leaving your pets home during a vacation or business travel, and nobody enjoys the sadness on their faces when they are left at a kennel. As such, it is worth exploring the many reasons why pet sitters are a terrific alternative when you need to ensure that your dogs and cats are in great hands while you are away.

1. Trustworthy, Local Pet Care

When the time comes to find just the right pet sitters, you need to know that potential candidates are trustworthy and reliable. As pet owners ourselves, we prioritised finding individuals with whom we felt truly comfortable. Because we are a smoke-free, alcohol-free household, we feel confident in our ability to provide the sort of dog walking, pet taxi, and pet sitting services discerning clients seek. You need never worry about your pet’s well-being when they are left in our care, and that is a promise we take extremely seriously.

2. Boarding Can Be Traumatic For Pets

Those who have made rescue animals their pets know that separation anxiety is a common occurrence, and boarding such dogs and cats in a conventional kennel setting can cause extreme mental anguish and trauma. In such cases, leaving pets of this type in the safe hands of a pet sitter instead can make all the difference in their well-being. They can avoid the stress of noisy barking from other dogs and the sense of isolation they may feel without a dedicated caregiver who can provide individualised attention in the comfort of their own home.

3. Friends May Prove Unreliable

Though you may feel that asking a friend or relative to watch your pet while you are gone is a smart idea, you cannot always be sure that the person you choose will offer the sort of focused attention on your dog or cat that you would like. By engaging the services of a pet care professional, you can rest assured that every need will be met, including those related to social and emotional welfare. The health of the animal will always be checked, and cleaning will be done in a thorough manner each and every day.

4. Consistency Matters

While kennels certainly attend to the basic needs of pets, including food, toileting, playtime, and the like, they may provide those services on a schedule that does not suit the specific needs and habits of your dog or cat. In the case of anxious puppies, rescue animals, or ageing dogs, this can be unsettling in the extreme. Keeping a normal routine can make your absence much more tolerable for your beloved pet.

5. The Freedom To Relax

When you engage the assistance of a professional pet sitter, you can relax in the knowledge that you are not burdening friends or family who may not have the heart to say know to your request for help, even though they are not truly pet people. You need not worry that your pet’s schedule is being kept or that their needs are being handled in an appropriate and loving way. This frees you up to thoroughly enjoy your vacation or devote full concentration to your business meetings that required you to travel far from home.

6. Staying Connected Every Day

No matter how many scheduled visits you select, you will receive photo check-ins from each one to provide reassurance that your dog or cat is happy, healthy, and cared for at the same level they would be if you had never left. Such peace of mind really is priceless.