How To Lose Weight & Gain Confidence

Losing weight can be hard because as humans we tend to be very prone to habitual behaviour, the key to weight loss is changing the bad habits you have got in to and replacing them with healthier options. Obviously, this isn’t easy to do and takes some will power. Once you have then got to your target weight the key is maintaining it, this can be the hardest bit and is where most people fall down, the vast majority tend to gradually put the weight back on and within 3-6 month are back to where they were before dieting.

Forget Celebrity Diets, Calorie Count!

There are hundreds of different celebrity diets, books, podcasts and videos to choose from when it comes to choosing a diet. The majority of these people have purposefully put on weight to show themselves losing it, which is much easier to achieve as it is the polar opposite to most peoples issue when they start dieting, they have actually worked hard to put weight on where as most people need to work hard to get rid of it. For this reason you are better ignoring them and focusing on a purely calorie controlled diet.

The beauty of a calorie controlled diet is that you cannot physically put any weight on if you are monitoring it. The first thing to do is work out what your current base level and metabolic rate is. The average for men and women is 2,500 and 2,000 calories per day respectively but this may differ depending on how active your job is and what you currently weight. For example, the 2,500 calories for men is the base rate for a man who is of a healthy weight and average height. If however you were a 22 stone, 6ft6 man your base rate could be more like 4,000 a day to maintain weight. Once you know this number you know how to go about losing weight.

For every 500 calories you are in deficit each day for a week you will lose 1lb. So in the example above, if the person who’s base rate is 4,000 calories reduced his intake to 3,000 calories per day ten after 1 week he would have lost 2lb’s. It really is as simple as that.

Find A Way To Motivate Yourself

As a way of giving yourself some motivation, some people book events in like holidays, weddings or buy items of clothing that they currently don’t fit in to in order to motivate themselves. Another popular one recent has been booking in cosmetic surgery procedures like a mummy makeover and wanting to lose weight before the cosmetic element of it is done to complete your transformation. Some of the most popular Plastic surgery Manchester at the moment aside from a mummy makeover are Brazilian bum lifts and breast augmentation.

Boost Confidence By Maintaining It

Once you’ve got to your target weight and if you’ve had some kind of cosmetic procedure to remove excess skin you should be feeing great about yourself and much more confident. Make sure you keep this up by finding a diet that is manageable. Don’t cut out things entirely, if you enjoy a glass of wine or a bag of crisps, just make sure you allow for it in your diet so you can do it consistently going forward.

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