Improving your smile with veneers in London

Recent studies show that more than 40% of adults in the UK are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth and smile, according to a new survey, whilst almost 50% are interested in undergoing cosmetic dental treatment. If you are one of these people, you need to speak to your dentist sooner rather than later so that you can begin enjoying the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Your teeth can hold you back in social situations, your professional career and your well-being, for example, by lowering your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, you are likely to hide your mouth behind your hands. You may be reluctant to smile as often as you would like to, and some people even suffer from social anxiety as a result of their crooked or even missing teeth. If you are happy with the appearance of your teeth and smile, you are likely to smile more often, bringing positivity to your life and boosting good mood and better mental health.

Speak to your dentist about your smile issues and find out what treatments are available. Your dentist will be able to carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, which will include a smile assessment so that they can look for any signs of decay and disease and find out what they can do to improve the appearance of your smile as well.

Veneers in London

An excellent method of improving the appearance of your teeth and looking after your teeth at the same time is with veneers in London. Veneers are a highly successful method of cosmetic dental treatment; they are multipurpose, which means they can address a range of issues at the same time.

Veneers can be used by adult patients of all ages. They last for approximately 10 to 20 years, providing a long-term solution for any aesthetic issues that are affecting the appearance of your teeth.

Teeth whitening with veneers

They can be used to improve the colour of your teeth. Although teeth whitening is perhaps the most popular cosmetic dental treatment, it cannot address all types of stains. Teeth whitening cannot be used on intrinsic stains that affect the dentin of your teeth, and sometimes even extrinsic stains that have become stubborn cannot be removed by teeth whitening. In this case, veneers are an excellent solution for you. Veneers cover the full front surface of your teeth, and the stains are disguised completely. You can choose a natural colour or a few shades lighter, depending on the impression that you are looking to make. Your dentist will help you choose the right shade for you according to your skin tone and according to the colour of your eyes, which may sound strange, but they will often advise that you match the colour of your veneers to the colour of your sclera for a beautiful, more natural appearance. Of course, it is up to you, but with the advice of your experienced dentist, you can achieve optimal results. Speak to your dentist today to find out more.

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