Reasons to Retire in Thailand: Medical Care

People come from around the world to be treated (and pampered) in Thailand’s hospitals and clinics, and for good reason. Thai doctors, often trained in the West and speaking excellent English, are dedicated to caring for you, not exploiting you. Sure, they lead nice, middle-class lives but, beyond that, their days revolve around their patients. Thailand is a Buddhist country and the practice of compassion is taken seriously by everyone, especially those in the medical profession.
A consultation with a Thai doctor is eye-opening. There is usually no waiting time because keeping patients waiting is considered impolite(!) and your physician will spend all the time you feel you need with you, listening to you and examining you slowly and carefully. There’s no rush. No attempt to push you out the door. It’s like going back in time to the days before medicine became predatory.
Thai nurses, who bear the brunt …