The advantages of vending machines London

There are many advantages to having a vending machine on your premises. Whether you are a school, college, university, gym, entertainment venue, office, factory or other workplace, providing a vending machine for public use has benefits for everyone. To begin with they do not need to be staffed, they operate by themselves 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they can be installed anywhere where there is a working plug point. The problem is that traditional vending machines are full of unhealthy chocolate bars, salty crisps and fizzy drinks that are high in calories and provide little or no nutrition.  If you eat these on a regular basis they can result in obesity, type 2 diabetes and weight again. They are linked to an increase in bad cholesterol or LDL and a decrease in good cholesterol or HDL resulting in atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately a diet full of chocolate bars, crisps and fizzy drinks can also result in an increased risk of cancer. When enjoyed in moderation they can be a yummy treat but on a regular basis they are harmful for your health. If you have traditional vending machines on your premises then you need to replace it with healthy vending machines London.

Healthy vending machines to replace traditional vending machines

Healthy vending machines London have excellent benefits. Not only do they have the benefits of a traditional vending machine but healthy vending machines London are full of healthy, nutritious snacks and drinks that promote good health and well-being and can even reverse the implications that junk food can have on your health and well being. Healthy eating can help lower LDL and increase HDL, promote healthy weight loss and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and many types of cancer. 

Serviced vending machines

Healthy vending machines London are modern, attractive and eco-friendly. They are energy efficient, consuming as much energy as a household fridge. You can choose a fully serviced healthy vending machine for your premises. This means the vending machine will be delivered and installed to your address. It will be set up for you and once it is in operation it can be stocked with delicious, nutritious food and drinks. You can choose the products that you stock to suit the requirements of your venue, office or workplace or you can ask for a selection of best-selling products. If your machine is fully serviced then you will be able to get 24 hour technical assistance and the stock will be replenished for you too. There are different types of vending machines that you can choose from including drinks machines that use remotely controlled software so that you can get on with your daily activities without having to worry about the machine. Find out more about replacing your traditional vending machine with a healthy vending machine or if you are thinking about installing a vending machine then make sure you choose one that provides healthy food options and helps promote good health and well-being for the people around you.

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