Mediterranean Diet Memorial Day Tips

If you are looking to include a healthy lifestyle into your upcoming holiday, check out these tips for creating a Mediterranean diet Memorial Day spread that is equal parts delicious, easy and healthy.

Working the Mediterranean Diet into your Life

What I truly love about this lifestyle is that it’s meant to be adapted and worked into your life.

That means enjoying your favorite foods and adapting your favorite recipes to be a bit more “mediterranean diet inspired”. It could be as simple as using olive oil in place of butter or adding more veggies to a dish.

It’s also important to rediscover the love and joy that comes with sharing meals with others.

Mediterranean Diet-inspired Memorial Day Tips

This is especially true when it comes to holidays and celebrations. Memorial Day is quickly approaching and we encourage you to find a way to fit the Mediterranean Diet into your real life.

If you are having a barbecue or attending a Memorial Day get together, we’ve put together a few tips to encourage your Mediterranean Diet-inspired lifestyle.

Include a Mediterranean Diet Style Meatless Dish

Every bbq we attend seems to have no shortage of meat-centric dishes. To shake things up, what about a meatless option?

It doesn’t have to replace a good, old fashioned hot dog or bbq chicken but some great options include –

summer meatless monday recipes

Check out this collection of great Summer Meatless Monday Recipes for even more ideas!

lemon ginger mayo free potato salad

Put a fresh spin on an old classic like this Lemon Ginger Potato Saladwhere the potatoes are cooked in steeped tea and Greek yogurt replaces the mayo.

Throw a Little Fish on the Grill

Fish is definitely a big part of the Mediterranean Diet guidelines and makes a great addition to summer bbq’s.

There are so many great grilled fish recipes out there that not only taste great but also offer a healthy alternative.

Some of my favorite recipes include –

If space on the grill is limited, you can easily choose one of our favorite non-grilled fish and seafood recipes –

greek salad with air fryer salmon recipe

this Greek Salad with Air Fryer Salmon is light, refreshing and comes together in minutes. Plus it’s a show stopper and looks beautiful when served family style.

Check out these amazing Health Benefits of Seafood to see why fish is an integral part of the Mediterranean Diet.

Take Advantage of Fresh Fruits

So many fresh, ripe fruits are currently in season and it’s the perfect time to take advantage of that this Memorial Day.

Some great ways to incorporate fruit into your upcoming holiday includes –

  • Simply enjoy seasonal berries, melon or cherries as a side, sweet appetizer or after dinner
  • Grill your fruit, it brings out the sweetness and makes a delicious dessert when topped with Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey
  • These Grilled Peaches with Ice Cream are so easy but always a crowd pleaser at BBQ’s
summer strawberry toast mediterranean diet appetizer

These Summer Strawberry Toasts are only 5 ingredients and take 5 minutes to make. They feature fresh strawberries and are so delicious!

Shake Up Your Side Dishes

If you are worried about changing up the main event too much, then concentrate on your adding some Mediterranean diet inspired side dishes.

Bright, colorful salads or veggie filled roasted veggie dishes are a great way to create balance.

Some of our favorites include –

Most of All…

Remember that it’s just one day, enjoy your favorites, and enjoy the company you’re surrounded by. A single day or a single meal isn’t going to make or break your goals or health journey.

american flag picture
This Memorial Day, we honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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Last modified: May 23, 2023

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