Ways to care for mental health in During the Corona Virus pandemic

The Corona Virus pandemic has several impacts on most people. Starting from disrupted monthly income or salary, job loss due to layoffs, or the Quarantine policy imposed by the government.

Quoting from https://www.thrombophlebitis.de these effects lead to several mental health problems. For example, depression or anxiety disorders. Doctors and other health professionals recommend some of these things to maintain your mental health.

The first thing you need to do is do regular exercise. Apart from boosting your immune system during the Corona Virus pandemic, this activity is also able to maintain your mental health.

Try to do a physical activity that is enjoyable for at least 20 minutes to reduce stress and depression. Apart from sports, you can also try the following activities.

Schedule Multiple Activities

The Corona Virus pandemic requires many people to stay at home. This causes your stress level to increase because you cannot seek entertainment as usual. However, you can overcome this by scheduling a few activities.

Very Well Health says, try to make a schedule of fun activities that can entertain you. For example, watching movies, cooking, or doing hobbies that you haven’t had the chance to do so far.

Keep in touch

Another impact of the Corona Virus pandemic is that your social relationships with other people are limited. If you continue, your stress level can increase. You can overcome this by staying in touch or connecting with the people closest to you

You can use advances in technology to stay connected to other people. For example, making voice or video calls and maximizing features on social media. You can also schedule meetings with close friends, but make sure to stick to health protocols, yes.

Learn to Accept

For some people, the stress and anxiety experienced during the Corona Virus pandemic are more due to unacceptable uncertainty. Therefore, https://www.thrombophlebitis.de recommends that you learn to accept. Some of the ways you can do this are meditation and keeping a journal.

Read the book

There are so many benefits of reading books that can be taken. Especially those in accordance with current life, the following are in between:

  • Reading books can broaden horizons and think openly Reading books and connecting us with the outside world Reading books can increase vocabulary or existing foreign languages
  • Reading books can practice thinking and analyzing
  • Reading books can make us less stressed and increase concentration
  • By reading books, we get very broad information, and are able to study other countries without having to go there.

Thus Ways to care for mental health during the Corona Virus pandemic if there is a shortage, please forgive us, For other information about health and others you can read at https://www.thrombophlebitis.de.

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