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A coach helps their colleagues (or clients) access their own personal resources … their knowledge, their experience, their understanding of what’s going on and what is possible … with a view to finding the best way forward, one they can buy into and own.

Increasingly, leading OSH professionals advocate coaching skills to complement the technical knowledge and understanding practitioners have and to help them develop a more collaborative style.

Now, you can experience the difference coaching skills can make for you, by being coached yourself on Monday 16th November 2020 at 1630 hours GMT

This is a genuine opportunity for you to experience coaching with a qualified Executive Coach on a topic of your choice. The objectives of the exercise are to: –

  • support you with whatever topic it is you choose to bring to the exercise;
  • familiarize you with the stages of the GROW Model; and
  • help you appreciate the value coaching skills might offer for you as an OSH Practitioner.

Find out more about how this live coaching session will work here.

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