The Choice is Yours: Treat the Symptoms or Treat the Cause

The Choice is Yours: Treat the Symptoms or Treat the Cause

Unfortunately, the medical establishment and the people have been conditioned to focus on the symptoms and not the cause. One just has to view the TV advertisements: psoriasis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, acne, insomnia, hair loss, overweight, chronic fatigue, and on and on. I can’t remember ever seeing an advertisement focusing on the cause for cancer, high blood pressure, vertigo, acne, obesity, cataracts, insomnia, fatigue, etc. Big Pharma has taken control and brainwashed the doctors and public to accept treating the symptoms as good medicine.

The real problem is that medical schools do not train doctors to diagnose the cause. All the fancy blood tests, MRIs, CAT scans, nuclear medicine radioactive testing, and PET scans reveal the body’s reaction to the underlying causes but not the real cause(s). A perfect example, in 2011 a patient came to me because the doctor wanted to do a liver transplant on Fred. Luckily for Fred he rejected their proposal and for good reason; he most likely would have died from a virus because the steroids that Fred would have been on for his entire life would have suppressed his immune system. For twenty-seven years, Fred had a swollen liver and the golden standard of medicine could not diagnose the underlying cause(s) for his swollen liver. So their solution was simple, give Fred a “new” liver via an organ transplant.

This Newtonian mentality pervades medicine and society today. It’s easier to treat the symptom(s). Suppress the high blood pressure; surgically remove a “dysfunctional” liver; prescribe sleeping pills and give chemo to kill the cancer. Because the doctors do not have the knowledge or diagnostic skills to define and treat the root cause(s) for patient problems they simply mask the symptoms.

It takes a physician who is willing to take the road less traveled to learn the real causes of disease and the real natural remedies to cure them. Just like conservative political views, the establishment doesn’t want any doc veering off the reservation and using natural remedies that are not drugs, and vibrational modalities like scalar energy that will reduce their revenue stream. Diagnosing the root cause(s) takes years of learning and skills to perfect their accuracy. Another big pain facing the doctor is educating the patient to accept real medicine. Most people want the pill for everyone rather than have to take responsibility for changing their lifestyle. The take away message is simple, masking the symptoms only delays the damage of not addressing the underlying cause(s). Just like the commercial says, pay now with an oil and filter change or pay later with an engine job. If you want to enjoy a quality of life, one must pay their dues and make the right choices. For more information on real healing, go to and see the truth.

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